Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Canton Sister Weekend!

This weekend was so much fun!! 

On Friday morning, Baker helped me with a little baking. 

Then we did some outdoor playing while waiting for my sister to arrive!

See those little boys in the pool, they LOVE to swim in the pool and they LOVE to be naked. The Butler boys are meant for summer.  

Bright and early Saturday morning, Kelsey, Parker and I headed to Canton! 

 I was on a major hunt for some items for our renovation. We removed a set of bi-folding doors from our pantry when we added the wood floors and we didn't want to damage the floors by reinstalling them. For the last year, I've been searching for the perfect old doors to replace them. I knew I had the best chances of successful junkin' in Canton, Texas! 

My shopping list:
-entry piece
-coffee table
-side tables for our living room


The first thing I bought wasn't on my list!! It was this windmill for Austin. He has been wanting one for our backyard! He also threatened told me that if I didn't buy anything this Canton trip that I couldn't go back. I've come up short the last two Canton trips and he challenged me to make this one worth it! #challengeaccepted

 Then I grabbed this table for a steal. 

And I LOVED these doors but didn't buy them because they were expensive!! and not the right size. 

But I did find the perfect entry piece! I fell in love with the style and color. 

My sister found an adorable table for her kitchen too. 

And this kid was a trooper! Seriously he was so good all day. 

I didn't find any doors!! Everything was either the wrong size or in really bad shape. I've decided we will have to build exactly what we want to fit our needs. 

Then it came time to load...do you remember all the big pieces I just showed you?

I don't know how but we made it ALL fit. We were laughing really hard and sweating terribly. We had to work really hard to get everything in snug and tied down. We only had to ask for help three times! But seriously I had to flag down three different men to help us. If our husbands had been there we wouldn't have had that problem, but then again we wouldn't have bought that much stuff either! (really we just bought BIG stuff!) 

Here are all the treasures in my house. 
 This piece will eventually go in the entry way after the wall has been covered in shiplap. 

I also grabbed this chicken feeder to make into a planter. 

On Sunday I spent part of my day painting shiplap! 

Obviously I had some good helpers too! I am really tempted to leave Fisher's little foot print. 
And then everybody helped daddy with his raised bed! 

Notice Baker got a hair cut too! He instantly looks 5 years old and it makes my mama heart ache. 

It was a great weekend!! I loved spending quality time with my sister and we just had the best time together. It was fun to get away, eat, talk and shop! All of my favorite things! 


  1. Wow! You made a haul!!! Okay, how long of a drive was it for you to get to Canton? In my head, it seems like it would be a long drive!

    1. It was about 3 1/2 hours. It wasn't terrible but I was really glad my sister was along for the drive!! And the drive back was LONG!! But probably bc I was afraid of losing a 6ft windmill out the back of the truck.

  2. Parker and I had a great time! He was such a trooper. My table works well with my space. Derek says he is going with us next time. =)

    1. I'm up for that!! Let's bring mom too!! And rent a house near by and then we can come and go.

  3. Enviable loot!! You made up for coming up short those 2 times. Never been to Canton but I want to now for sure. Your entry way and those chairs are just perfect. Even the chicken feeder is beautiful. :) Hiw funny that we both had kids who left footprints on our paint jobs. I sadly had to paint over Baby Girl's print because I didn't like the color of the first coat. :/ Congrats on a fruitful trip!