Wednesday, April 27, 2016

What's up Wednesday


I'm linking up with Shay and Sheaffer for What's up Wednesday. We are answering the following questions:

1. What we're eating this week...

2. What I'm reminiscing about...

One year ago we decided to make the move to Abilene! 

Then we decided to buy this house...

And turn it into our dream home.

3. What I'm loving...
Our house ^^^ see above! I am really enjoying our house and finishing up all the remodel details. 

4. What we've been up to...
Lots of yard work! Our outdoor space got really neglected last year, so we are concentrating on it now. 

We planted 5 new trees. 

5. What I'm dreading...

Yard work^^^ see above!! 

6. What I'm working on...
Right now I'm working on refinishing this little table. It had a lot of texture to it, so I had to sand it all down before I could paint it. It has already been a lot more work than I expected! Isn't that the way projects always work! 

7. What I'm excited about...

We are headed to Napa this summer!! This month we booked our flights and now we are finalizing the rest of our trip! Anyone have any winery tips? Where are the must see places?

8. What I'm watching/reading...
I bought this book last year but never read it! I'm working on it now! 
I just finished up the 3rd season of When Calls the Heart.

And since I'm a reality TV show junky, I'm looking forward to The Bachelorette! Honestly, it's been a few seasons since I've stuck with it the entire season. I'm hoping JoJo comes through for me! 

I watched Parenthood when it was on TV and I loved it! Two of my besties are watching it right now and texting me about it. I had some down time this week, so I started it over. Ya'll, I cried during the opening theme song. Nothing had even happened yet. The show has literally conditioned me to cry at the sound of the song. I'm not sure if that means that it's just that good of a show or if I'm completely crazy?! #teambraverman

9. What I'm listening to...
Whatever happens to be playing on the radio in the car!

10. What I'm wearing...

I got this Oliver and Otis shirt in the mail last week! It was perfect timing to wear it to Aggie 

I've been wearing this jacket a ton! 

11. What I'm doing this weekend...
I have big plans to hang out with my sister! That little baby nugget is coming with us, but the rest of the kiddos are staying at home. I'm excited to have some sister/grown up time!

12. What I'm looking forward to next month...

We've got some plans to hang out with family! I love a good family weekend. 

13. What else is new...
Not a lot!!

14. What's your favorite Mother's Day gift to give or receive...

I love anything personalized! 

Austin gave me this necklace on my first Mother's Day.

We added Fisher's initial after he was born. 

I love these Farmgirlpaints custom cuffs too. 

This is the one we gave my mom for Christmas. 

And the one I had made to remember Baker's sweet 2nd year. 

That's all for today!

Happy Wednesday Friends!!


  1. Yay!! Thank you so much for linking up! I'm so glad you made my Bisquick Chicken Parm!!

  2. Your house looks amazing! This actually was some motivation. I feel like Tab and I get to a point and then stop. We've gotta start working on something!

    1. It's so hard to stay motivated! We go through phases!! I think those rest phases are needed to not go crazy. or at least that is what I'm telling myself! We are so close to being done.