Thursday, April 7, 2016

The Butler Adventures: Dinosaur state Park

Hi Friends! Today we are recapping part II of my mom's birthday weekend! 

Make sure you hop over to yesterday's blog to check out Part I of the trip: Fossil Rim. 

After Fossil Rim, we headed to Revolver Brewery back in Granbury. 

Every Saturday from 12-3 the have a brewery tour for $10.  
You get a glass and can fill it 4 times. 

Then Baker cried because he couldn't have any of daddy's beer. 

End of the world. 

But a revolver stamp and taking pictures with mommy's phone helped. 

They had live music and tons of seating. 

Thanks for the ceiling pictures B!

Can you see us sitting back there enjoying the music?

We headed back to he house to play dinosaurs and cook out. 

Then on Sunday morning we headed back to Glen Rose to visit Dinosaur Valley State Park. 

We did a little exploring. 

and a small hike. 

And this is about as good as it gets!!
(side note: I'm not wearing a fanny pack, it's my ergo clipped around my waist!) - this is austin and it sure looks like a fanny pack.

Then B threw another fit!

Baker took off into a restricted area and had another crying fit! Ha. 

At this point, he's just had enough family time and needed a big NAP!

But instead we powered through and ate a picnic lunch. 

This was about 45 seconds before Fisher had a bad fall off this picnic bench. But luckily he wasn't badly hurt. 

A few mama snuggles helped him feel better. 

We wrapped up our afternoon with bubbles and an egg hunt. 

High Five! 

We had such a great weekend celebrating my mom and being with family! 

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