Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Show and Tell - My Talk Show

Show and Tell us about your fantasy talk show

When I saw momfessional's prompt for today's Show and Tell post, I was so excited. I LOVE talk shows! Growing up my mom watched the Today Show every single morning. When I left for college, I automatically turned it on each morning and it's something that I still watch routinely. Some mornings I don't get to watch very long (because kids!) but you bet if I happen to have a little free time I flip it on. It's a fun way to start my day and I enjoy it. It's a bonus if I catch a little news and maybe even the weather.  You would be surprised at how many times my mom and I say "Did you see that segment on the Today Show today." It happens, all the time.

So obviously if I were to host my own talk show, it would be a morning show. Which is really funny since I'm not really a morning person. Maybe I could adjust!  I would also need a really good co-host! I would be honored to host along, Jenna Bush Hager. I lover her! The mornings that she joins the Today Show crew are my favorite. She is funny, smart and entertaining! Plus, we could ensure some interviews with the Bush family on our show. I can't make it through one of her family interviews without crying.

Here is a good clip that shows her personality!

Dream Guests

We've already established that the Bush family would be on our show. The whole entire crew! I would need some tissues. 

Ellen would bring the dance party to the show! Does she ever go on morning shows? Well she would totally jump on board to be on my show! I would ask her to bring along Twitch too!

Lauren starred in two of my favorite TV shows, Gilmore Girls and Parenthood! So naturally she would be a great guest. Maybe she would give us an inside look at the Gilmore Girls revival?! 
P.S. Did you hear that Mae Whitman (above) signed on to do a cameo? So fun!

Donald Faison and Zach Braff are hilarious in Scrubs. I would love to meet them in real life but I might insist that they stay in character the whole time. 

I am a big Blake Shelton fan but I can't get enough of these two together. I watch the voice just to watch their interactions. They make me laugh so much! They would be a lot of fun on a morning show! 

I would HAVE to meet the author behind the Harry Potter books. This lady has a fantastic imagination and I would love to talk to her. 

I feel like this next guest is super obvious...
Who doesn't love Jimmy Fallon?

This was such a fun post for me! Now I'm dreaming about all the fun people I would ask to be on my show. Who would you love to host?


  1. I love all the people coming on your new morning show, so I would definitely watch...right after the Today Show!

    1. Yes!! and you would come be on it too of course!

  2. I love Jenna Bush Hager too! She's so fun when she gets to cohost on Kathie Lee and Hoda!!

    1. YES!! she is the best! I really think they should make her a regular host on the Today Show.