Thursday, April 7, 2016

Friday Favorites 4.8.16

Happy Friday friends! It has been a good week at the Butler house. We've been the perfect amount of busy and lazy. We played outside for hours every single day. We had a zoo trip and played with friends. It's been pretty much the perfect week!

I'm linking up with Andrea, Erika, and Narci for Friday favorites!

1. Fisher gained weight this month!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <----- sorry for the overload but that's pretty much how I feel about it. We've been buying him every food possible to try to amp up his calories and it worked! WAHOO! He gained 13.5 ounces. (so almost an entire pound)He's up to 20 lbs 9.5 ounces. 

The weight gain was enough for them to let him be for now. They won't check him again until his 2 year appointment in August. This was by far my favorite moment of this week. Lots of pressure gone from me and I don't feel like I have to constantly force food on him. I really appreciate all the extra prayers. Please keep praying for him and that he keeps it up!

We celebrated by buying the biggest strawberries ever at Sams!

2. Family trips are a favorite of mine! They might be a little stressful at times but I love making memories with all my favorite people. Make sure you check out my recaps from this week. 

3. Did you see Tuesday's Show and Tell post? It was all about your dream talk show. I dreamed all about my favorite celebrity guests that would come hang out on my show. It was a fun post! And spoiler alert, but my cohost would be:
Jenna Bush Hager. 

Hope over right HERE to read the post. 

If you read it then you know that I LOVE the Today Show. Thanks to my mom, I've been watching it a long time. And guess who was on with Kathy Lee and Hoda this week?

My friend Shay! How cool is that! She was so calm and adorable! I would have been a sweaty blubbering mess! 
She has two cookbooks out that are AMAZING!

One time, way back in 2003, I went to the Today Show concert series!
We were in NY on an National Honor Society trip. It looks like we all had matching yellow shirts for the event! #subtle 

 It was really fun, early morning, and we got to see Matchbox 20 perform. 

4.If you are local to Abilene, TX: there is so much going on this weekend!

Clint Harp from my favorite TV show, Fixer Upper, will be there! 

Hope everyone has a fantastic weekend!

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  1. Oh my goodness!!! Love your throwback! I'm so happy to hear Fisher gained some weight. I've been praying for that little guy. Happy Friday, girl!