Friday, April 22, 2016

Friday Favorites 4.22.16

YAY it's Friday! It has been a full week at the Butler house!! Like every Friday, I'm linking up with Erika, Narci and Andrea for Friday favorites. 

1. Non-dairy Ben and Jerry's

This stuff is AMAZING! A few weeks ago a friend (thanks Victoria!) suggested that we try this for Fisher. We've all been limiting our dairy since we participated in the Daniel Plan earlier this year. We have tried a few non-dairy treats and they were ehhhhh...but Ben & Jerry's doesn't disappoint. It was kind of hard to find but I finally spotted it at Walmart. 

2. While we are on the food topic, let's talk about these pretzel rolls from market street. 


 Baker enjoyed them toasted with cheese. They were also perfect to go with red beans and rice this week. 

3. Fisher has been cutting several teeth this week. I don't like when he feels bad but his cuddles are my favorite. He is certainly a mama's boy and prefers me to hold him ALL the time. 

4. I shared these pictures yesterday but they are my favorite. This kids is goofy and I laugh every time I see these pictures. 

5. Austin has been busy finishing his master gardener classes. He took his final test this week and passed!! Now he has 50 hours of volunteer work to complete his certification. He's my favorite and I'm proud of him!

6. My favorite purchase this week, was a spare key for our house. I wish I was kidding! 

On Sunday afternoon, Fisher was taking a nap so the rest of us headed to the front porch to watch the rain. We were enjoying ourselves until Baker popped up and headed back inside and locked the front door. At first we laughed and thought no biggie he can open it back up but after a few minutes we realized he couldn't get the door unlocked. You see our doors only unlock with a key and he couldn't get the key to turn. Through the front window, we could see Baker laying on the floor crying. 

Oh boy!! I still wasn't worried because we had a spare key. No big deal! Well the spare key wasn't in it's spot! So we were trapped outside in the rain with no phones or shoes. 

After about 15 minutes I coaxed Baker to the back door and luckily only 1 of the 3 bolts was locked! He unlocked the door and we were able to get back inside. I'm so thankful we got back inside and both boys were safe!

We have another busy weekend planned!!

 If you are in the Abilene area pop on over to The Food Park for their grand opening celebration!

Happy weekend friends!


  1. I'm totally buying that ice cream this weekend!! Happy Friday Megan!

  2. I told you those locks were a problem ;) glad you made it back inside.