Friday, April 15, 2016

Friday Favorites 4/15/16

Happy Friday friends!! I'm linking up with Erika, Narci and Andrea for Friday favorites!
1. The Food Park - I know I've mentioned the new food truck park several times but this place is amazing and a top favorite for our family! Last weekend we headed there for dinner and had a great time. 

The boys played trucks in a big dirt pile while the adults enjoyed dinner and conversations! They were filthy by the end of the night but we all enjoyed ourselves. 

2. Roses - we have these beautiful rose bushes in our yard. 

These white ones are my favorite!

3. Speaking of flowers, there is a big plant sale this weekend. I plan on going! You should too!
Make sure you head to my post here, to see all the fun events happening this weekend.
 (I have updated it!)

4. Did you see my post from Wednesday?
I had so much fun reading everyone's stranded posts! It was one of my favorite link-ups ever!
You can find mine here. 
What would your 3 medicine cabinet items be?

5. My favorite three year old!

Three has been a rough age so far, but he also has some extremely sweet moments. 

He's a great workout buddy!

And when you are three, sometimes one band-aid just doesn't cut it. 

6. We got to hear Clint Harp speak last weekend. He is a carpenter from my favorite show Fixer Upper. 

He has worked very hard to build his brand and has a very intriguing story. I enjoyed hearing his story. We are in the works of planning to go to an event where Chip and Joanna are speaking!!!!!! I am so excited!

7. This is for Austin:
HAHAHA! I saw this on facebook this week and couldn't stop laughing. Baker's room is Austin's worst nightmare. He looks at it and sees a big mess. But to me a messy room = a successful rest time. It means he played and didn't try to come out a million times. Right mamas?! 

Well that's all my favorites for today! Happy weekend friends!


  1. I'm so glad you liked Stranded!! I did too! The responses were hysterical!

  2. Your roses are gorgeous! I saw Joanna speak at an event she hosted in Oct 2014 and it was fabulous. I would love to hear Clint too as I can only imagine working together there would have to be some similar values. Have a super week Megan!

    Shelly||The Queen in Between

    1. Thank you! We honestly haven't touched roses since we moved in, but now that we know how pretty they are, we will be caring for them more! Clint has an interesting story. He has worked hard to build his brand. I can't wait to hear Joanna and Chip!