Friday, April 1, 2016

Friday Favorites 4.1.16

YAY!! It's Friday! Hope everyone has had a great week! I'm linking up with Erika, Narci and Andrea for Friday favorites.

1. This special lady, my mom, is one of my very favorite people in life. Her actual birthday was on Saturday, but we are celebrating her this weekend. 

Honey with Baker

Honey with Fisher

When I was telling Baker about all the fun things we have planned he said "I get to play with all my friends that I love." How sweet is that! 

 She is so kind and generous. She loves us through every stage in life and some of those stages have not been pretty or fun. She is always a call away when I have a bad day or when I have the best days. She is dependable and will drop everything to be there for us. She has stayed with me in the hospital after surgeries and held my babies after they were born. She listened to me cry when I never thought I would be a mom. She loves to travel and take fun trips with me! Twice, she has tried to kill me on intense hiking trips. I'm not even being dramatic, two of the longest days of my life. Those are both stories that need to be blogged about one day. 

But the reason she is the best is simple: 

She shows up, every single time. 

I am so lucky to call you mom! 
Happy Birthday. I love you!

2. My favorite hamburger
Did you see my post yesterday, about the best hamburger in Abilene?

3. This week, I adminstered STAAR tests. It was fun to get a feel for what it would be like to be a working mom again. On Monday, I had to do an online training. It started out like this:

Quickly turned into this:

And ended like this:
An hour of training was just more than they (or I) could take! It was not their favorite! 

4. I administered tests 3 days this week. If you are a teacher this is going to make a lot of sense, if you aren't, then you will probably think I am crazy! 

You can not do ANYTHING while the students are testing. You have to actively monitor the entire time. This means no phones, computers, paper or even books. I spent a lot of time walking around the room staring at this carpet. (and at students)

Let's take a closer look:

On one hand it is the most obnoxious carpet I have ever seen, but on the other it sure provided me with some entertainment during testing. 

- I counted lines. 
-I followed certain color or lines from one end of the room to another. 
- I tried to fit my foot only in the solid brown areas. 
-I found exactly where each pattern repeated. 
-I picked out each place when a color died into another. 
-I counted how many steps I could take around a specific color till I hit an object. (desk or wall)

Okay. Please keep reading my blog. I promise I am not completely crazy! Maybe the next testing facility will have a more neutral carpet. Or maybe highlighter yellow is the next neutral! 

(please note that the pics were taken in the lobby and not in the testing room!) 

5. These gorgeous clutches!

You can find them here.  How cool are these? My super talented sister in law makes them by hand! They are my favorite. 

6. Outside is our favorite place to be. It's the only compound word that Fisher can say. It's actually one of a few words that he can say clearly.
The boys working like daddy. 

Baker and I were playing with chalk and I snapped these pictures of him. 

Make sure you note Fisher in the background. He didn't want to let any of the ice he spilled go to waste! BOYS!

Well that wraps it up for today! Hope you have a wonderful weekend!


  1. How cute is Honey?!? She's adorable!!

  2. I laughed out loud at all your carpet thoughts. I remember counting my steps walking around the room!!!

  3. Love the blog and the carpet stories. I laughed and cried a little!

  4. This makes me incredibly happy! Love the blog and love the carpet story. I laughed and cried. My brain was hurting with frustration in that room. Haha

  5. This makes me incredibly happy! Love the blog and love the carpet story. I laughed and cried. My brain was hurting with frustration in that room. Haha

  6. Love this. The carpet made you too but you spent much more time counting and walking! Your thoughts had me laughing and crying!