Thursday, April 21, 2016

Boys Will Be Boys

Today I just want to celebrate my little men. They are both growing in personality and size daily. I don't want to forget the everyday moments so today I am concentrating on those things. The mundane but fun things that we do every day.  These pictures aren't perfect and half of them are blurry but hey our life isn't perfect either.  I don't always want to stop to have them pose for a picture, I want to remember the moments just as they happen. So here you go our real life...

Sometimes we play outside in our jammies.

We sort rocks.  

The park is our happy place. 

Here, Baker is wearing his favorite "ninja turtle" shirt again. 

Here is a better picture of the shirt. My mom brought it back from the Bahamas last summer and he has worn it 12098123 million times since then. He asks for it EVERY SINGLE DAY.  I wish I was exaggerating.

One of the favorite games to play in our house is hide and seek. 

Clearly the boys are great at hiding. 

Anytime you give Fisher kisses his wipes them off. I have no idea where he learned this but it's adorable. 

This kid...I can't even.

After bath time, Baker always asks "wrap me up like a baby." So both boys get wrapped up every night. 

I'm composing an entire post about this but every night Baker parks his cars before bed. I want to remember his 3 year old year just like this. 

But the reality is that more often than not there are tears...lots of tears. 

It's earth shattering that I would ask him to share 1 of the 4 breakfast bars that he is holding. 

There really are an astronomical amount of tears in our house. We often have to sit in time out and say sorry. The hard part of growing up is learning to handle our anger and feelings. Sharing is hard too. 

As a mama, I don't always handle all the moments with patience or grace and in the end I have to say sorry too. 

The moments I really want to remember the most are these:

Austin took these last two pictures a few weeks ago, I left them for a 2 hours to run a few errands. They were so excited when I returned. I know they won't have this reaction forever. Right now I'm their world and I'm gonna soak up these moments because I know it won't last. 

My best piece of mama advice is this: Everything is a phase. The good thing about phases is that they don't last forever. Before you know it you will be off to the next chapter. Try to find the good in in the midst of the crazy because it goes by so fast. You can do it mama! 

You can find this printable here. 


  1. Oh Megan! These pictures just radiate JOY! I mean to tell you...what a blessed family you have.

  2. Fisher got the wiping off the kisses from his cousin Jake. That's Jakes favorite game because then of course he has to get more kisses. :)