Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Weekend Recap: Family Style!

On Friday night, Baker and I headed to McMurry to watch the Jaybirds play in the regional basketball tournament. 

It was a great game and tied at halftime! Unfortunately the Jaybirds lost but I really enjoyed watching them play. 

 Austin's parents came for the weekend.
On Saturday morning, the boys played with Skipper and his vintage hot wheels track. 
While Ann and Austin headed to a gardening workshop for the day. 
They helped build 2 keyhole gardens at a local church. 

Mike and I headed to the zoo with the boys.

We ran into some sweet friends while playing in the sandbox!

Sunday morning we headed to my mom's house for lunch!

We enjoyed a little cousin time outside. 

Played some baseball (with a bike helmet on of course.) 

and climbed a tree. 

It might look like Jake was kissing Baker, but they were really pretending to eat each other. 


Next we headed on a bicycle ride. 

This little boy did some running while the big boys biked!

The bike ride lead us straight to the playground. 

It was my favorite kind of weekend, full of family and fun!

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