Tuesday, March 8, 2016

My Hometowns

Today I'm linking up with Andrea, over at momfessionals, for Show & Tell Tuesday! Today we are talking about our hometowns. I'm starting with the most current and working my way back to the place where I was raised.

Abilene, Texas

My current hometown is Abilene, Texas. We moved to here 9 months ago. Honestly it  just doesn't feel like home yet.  I think a big part of that is because we are still in the process of renovating a house, so we aren't completely settled. I also know it takes time!! All that being said, we are really loving exploring our new town. 

Abilene is lucky enough to be home to Perini Ranch Steakhouse. They have the best chicken sandwich that I have ever eaten! 

And the food truck scene is amazing!

 The Mill, downtown, is another favorite spot!

McKinney, Texas

We moved from McKinney, Texas. After living there for 7 years, it will always be special to us. We visited recently and you can read all about that here. 

Jayton, Texas

My hometown heart will always belong in Jayton, Texas. I might be partial, but I am pretty sure I grew up in the best place ever. 

Jayton is a tiny town full of wonderful people. When I was growing up the population sign said 608 but these days it is closer to 500.
There are far more cows than people. 

It is mostly a farm and ranching community. 

There are some llamas,

And a few goats too. 

There are canyons where we have been hiking since we were kids. Can you see my name and 1998 carved out of the wall? There are years of our names in these canyon walls.

Most importantly Jayton is where my family lives. 
Yes I'm talking about my blood family, but I'm also talking about everyone else too. 
I'm "technically" only related to half the people in this photo. But I sure do consider everyone of them my family. And please don't tell Mr. Cooper we aren't family. I'm pretty sure he thinks my mom is his Honey too. 

One thing that makes Jayton special is homecoming. Jayton has a homecoming celebration every 2 years and it is truly what a homecoming celebration should be!  It is a time for everyone to come home and enjoy time together again. Austin LOVES Jayton homecoming because it is geared towards the alumni as well as current students. 

There is always a parade to enjoy. 

This picture was from 2014, when my graduating class got together to enjoy a cook out!

It's unlike any place I've ever been. It's incredibly special and this tiny town has the BEST spirit. 

Every time I drive back and see this black and gold water tower, it brings back great memories! This water tower means I am coming home! 

How amazing are all of these Jayton pictures? The credit goes to my mom, Dana Brinkman. She is very talented and I'm thankful she shared her photos with me!


  1. You've lived in some really neat places! I've only lived in 1 town (2 towns if you count college!)

    1. WOW!! That's really impressive and cool!!