Tuesday, March 1, 2016

McKinney Weekend Recap

We had the BEST weekend visiting in McKinney. The boys played so hard and we are exhausted but we really enjoyed ourselves! 

The boys and I spent the first 2 nights with the Coneway family. You can read about all our adventures here. 

We started off our Friday morning with some play time and exercise!
Then we said goodbye to the Coneways! 

We picked up yummy lunch from The Donut Kitchen and headed to see my college friend, Natasha. I would really encourage you to read a bit of Natasha's blog.  They are currently fostering the cutest twin babies and a 3 year old boy. She is documenting their journey and let me tell you it isn't an easy one. Natasha and her husband, Gary, are amazing people. They are taking in these kids, teaching them about Jesus and loving them unconditionally. 

I can't show you pictures of her kids but the boys played outside on their play ground and had lots of fun!

Fisher even got kicked in the face. 
Butlers - 0       bloody nose - 1

Then we headed to the Bossier's house to spend the rest of our weekend. 

Baker and Beau had the best time.  Jolene and I prayed and prayed for these two. Seeing them playing together always makes my heart so happy. They are our sweet miracle babies. 

The moment we woke up the boys wanted to go outside. 

I got to enjoy some good mama time!
And we hit up the park. 

Saturday afternoon, I ran to my friend Shay's house so she could sign her cookbooks! Thanks Shay! I can't wait to cook up some yummy recipes!  

Then my friend Katy was hosting a party to find out the gender of her baby! I'm so glad I was in town to celebrate with her!

A few of my teacher friends from Boyd!

Katy hosted a science party! It was so appropriate and cute! The used a cooper wire and a chemical reaction to turn the water blue!!

When I got back to my babies, we had another bloody nose.  Baker fell pretty hard and his nose is still a little discolored. 

Butlers -0    bloody nose -2 

That evening, I got to have a little more time with my girls. 

And the boys wore their matching jammies!

Sunday morning we headed to church and then went downtown for lunch. 

We ate at Sugarbacon and it was delicious! 

We stopped at the park one last time before heading home!

I drove Austin's truck home, notice his cool light, and enjoyed the silence! I treated my self to some tea and biscotti for the trip from Whole Foods. 

The weekend was busy and very full! We got to see our people and hug a bunch of necks. It was much needed and I am very glad we got to spend some time in McKinney. 


  1. So many bloody noses! No fun! I love the idea of a science party...so original!

    1. Isn't it a cute idea! We are all science teachers so it was perfect!