Friday, March 25, 2016

Friday Favorites 3.25.16

Happy Friday friends!! We have had an extremely busy week around here! I am linking up with Erika, Narci and Andrea for Friday favorites!

1. Family is one of my very favorite things!  Luckily we have been soaking up a lot of family time. 

This is their favorite place to hang out a Honey's house. It's their special little spot. 

Miss Hollis is the only girl out of 6 cousins. Isn't she gorgeous?!

All 6 cousins were born within 2.5 years. It is so fun and extremely crazy!

I can't get enough of little Parker's cheeks! His cheeks are on the top of my favorite list too! 

2. Last weekend we got to attend another birthday at the gymnastic center. It is my favorite birthday spot because it is fun for everyone!

This is a pretty good summary of our life. 

He did not jump! He really wanted to but he realized how far it would be when he got to the top. 

But Baker jumped off everything he could. 

3. Fire and SMORES!!!!

Fisher's favorite part is the chocolate.

And Baker wouldn't eat an assembled smore. He just wanted to eat all the parts individually. 

4. New trees
 We Austin planted 5 new fruit trees this week!

And then we watered them in our pajamas and bicycle helmet. 

5. Easter crafts

On Tuesday I did a round up of my favorite Easter crafts from pinterest

So far, I have done two of them with the boys. They loved both activities and we will be trying out a few more this weekend! 

My very favorite part of this week was date night. We have not had a date since ......June. Yikes!

It was NEEDED and we had a great time. We will also never wait this long for a date night again!
We went to The Mill.

We enjoyed wine. 

And food truck hamburgers from Rock n Rollerz. (I'll be talking more about these hamburgers next week! They were AMAZING!)

Then, Austin owed me dessert for loosing a bet. I enjoyed some delicious cheesecake and even shared some with him. 

We sat outside and enjoyed the evening while being serenaded with live music. We took our time eating and didn't have to cut up anyone's food or stop for a potty break. (side note: why do my kids ALWAYS have to go potty during meal time?!?!)

It was a great evening! 

Happy Easter weekend! 


  1. Oh that little Hollis is PRECIOUS! What a fun week!!

  2. It's like internally something clicks in the middle of EVERY meal and Bowen needs to potty but only if we're eating out. Ahhhh!!! I get it. That date night sounds fabulous! You should plan another really soon!