Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Easter Weekend 2016

We kicked off our Easter weekend with an egg hunt at school. Baker was super protective of his basket and all his prizes inside. 

This is about as good as it gets! 

I made some Easter treats and my kiddos could not get enough! 

On Friday night we watched a friend's little girl so they could enjoy a date night. It was a fun glimpse of what it would be like to have three kids! 

We headed to the new Food Park to meet some friends. Listen, if you are local you need to make plans to visit the Food Park asap! The atmosphere was amazing. It is an empty lot that has been set up to accommodate different food trucks. The schedule varies but you can check it here. 

We brought a blanket and sat on a grassy area. The kids played and kicked around a soccer ball. There are tons of really cool handmade picnic tables all over the food park to eat at as well. 

We enjoyed ice cream sandwiches from The Sweet Side. 
The kids were swarming me for bites!! 

There was live music, twinkle light, lots of fun people and delicious food. My kind of place! I loved it and will be going as often as possible. 

On Saturday we headed to my mom's to celebrate her birthday!!!

Happy birthday to Honey!!

We took a walk to the playground. All their bikes in a row cracked me up! The gang is all here!

The boys each took turns having accidents. HA!

Of course, we had to climb some trees!

And all of a sudden my 3 year old looks 10. SLOW DOWN TIME!

Fisher took a snack break. 

Then we rode up to the BIG playground. 

Just a few minutes after this picture, Baker had a really bad accident. He fell head first off the playground straight onto his head and his body bent in ways that aren't normal. By the Grace of God, he was still wearing his bicycle helmet. I am so thankful for that! I am also thankful that I didn't actually witness the accident because I'm pretty sure that Austin is scarred for life. After a few minutes of crying, Baker (and possibly Austin, just kidding) recovered and was completely fine!

Happy Birthday mom!!

On Sunday, we enjoyed our Easter full of family. I didn't take a single picture before we headed home from my mom's but it was a good day!! 

The boys got a few Easter goodies from us! Not sure what is typical at everyone else's house but we decided any Easter goodies would be from us. Well that and Baker found my stash before Easter! ha!

Hope everyone had a great Easter weekend too. 


  1. Oh my goodness! What a full Eater weekend you guys had!!

  2. So glad you came to see me! We'll have to check out the food trucks next time I'm in Abilene.