Monday, February 1, 2016

Productive Weekend Recap

Hey Friends! We had such a productive weekend at the Butler house! The weather was AMAZING and we got several things finished up in our house. Well, technically Austin finished up house projects and I entertained the kiddos.

On Saturday morning, Austin had a list of very loud things (that involved an air compressor and nail gun) to finish inside so I loaded up the boys and we went shopping. We headed to Walmart, Baker's new favorite place, where he picked out some goodies for his birthday. Then we went to Lowe's to pick up a tool for daddy. Our main goal was to be gone from the house as long as possible without going crazy! We were pretty successful!

Then we ate lunch and headed to a really fun birthday party. 

The party was at a gymnastic center and Baker had the best time!

I even jumped into the germ foam pit. 

Seriously, such a fun birthday!

We went home and did a little more playing outside. 

We watched daddy work too!

On Sunday we headed to church and by the time we got home the weather was perfect. We decided to have an outdoor picnic. 

Then we sorted rocks!

And played with bubbles!

I even got to enjoy tea with a sweet childhood friend!  It was a great weekend!

Wanna see what Austin was working on? I will plan on showing some more pictures soon, but for now, here is a sneak peak. 

He finished up our shiplap. This project took a little longer than expecting but life happens!

Thank for following along with our weekend! Stay tuned for more pictures soon!


  1. What sweet pictures outside in the beautiful weather!! Love!

  2. Whoa!!!! I'm super impressed. Your walls look awesome!!