Friday, February 12, 2016

Friday Favorites- Boy Brags!

It's time for Friday favorites with Erika, Narci and Andrea!

Today, I'm gonna brag on my favorite boys!!

1. Austin, the biggest Butler boy, just started taking a master gardener class. This program is put on by Texas A&M and requires 50 hours of instruction and 50 hours of volunteer work. 
I'm hoping he learns lots of things and grows an awesome garden this year!

We had a few special Valentines treats for Austin before he headed to his first class!

2. Baker had his first Valentines party at school this week. 

And since monster trucks are his current favorite thing, we made monster truck valentines.

Baker helped drive the monster truck wheels across the paper. He had a blast helping!

We also made his teachers a special valentine. 

He was also very proud of his valentine bag!

And all his treats!

3. Fisher, the youngest Butler boy, has picked up a new favorite food this week. BANANAS! And to make it even better he is also saying Nanana too! He has very few words so this makes me extra proud!

We also visited a new pediatrician this week. We have seen significant improvement in his eating over the last 6 weeks, but he still has a long way to go. He needs to gain some weight so we are working really hard on that right now. We will go back in a month for a weight check and to re evaluate. We would appreciate some extra prayer between now and then!

These boys are my favorite and I'm very proud of them all! 

 I'm gonna soak up all their snuggles while I can!

And next week, I'm gonna finally show you some house updates!! Happy weekend friends!


  1. I need Austin to come work on my garden when he's finished with yours! :)

  2. Save some snuggles for me! I love the V-Day cards and socks <3