Friday, February 5, 2016

Friday Favorites Birthday Weekend Edition 2/5/16

YAY! It's Friday friends!! I'm linking up with Erika, Narci and Andrea today. We are sharing all about our Friday favorites.
My favorite this week has been celebrating Baker's birthday! He turned 3 yesterday. 

We started out his big day with his favorite breakfast, waffles. 

He also insisted on wearing his favorite clothes, comfy pants and ninja turtle shirt. Notice his shirt isn't actually ninja turtles but a Bahama turtles shirt. 

After school, I promised him a treat. He wanted his favorite, chickalay lemonade and a cookie. We grabbed his goodies to go and headed to the park. 

The cookie was the best thing little brother has ever eaten. He ate his entire cookie and then kept going over to steal pieces from brother. 

I on the other hand, ate this apple.

We did lots of swinging. 

And then some climbing, sliding and jumping. 

We had some goodies ready for the birthday boy when we got home. 

Let's zoom that picture out a little.
We really should have hosted a construction theme party. 

He unwrapped a remote control monster truck from his Nonna and Pappa. 

Then we ate a birthday muffin and jumped in the tub for a swim. 
His B and Skipper got him swim lessons for his birthday!

What my birthday is over?!
 Don't worry little boy, we will be celebrating you all weekend long! My family is coming for a little party and then a monster truck rally! The boys are so excited! 

Hope everyone has a happy weekend! I know ours is going to be loud, fun and full of BOYS!

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