Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Daniel Plan Week 3

Hi friends! That's right, we have made it halfway through The Daniel Plan. I hope you aren't tired of reading my updates! It really helps me keep motivated to write about it! But judging by the amount of emails and texts that I have received the last few weeks, you are enjoying them too. I hope! I think it goes back to one of the core essentials, Friends. A lot of you are already making or hoping to make these healthy changes and you need a little motivation too. Or you are giving me some much needed praise! You rock and thank you for reading!

Fitness -

This week our church is concentrating on exercise. I loved this week's sermon! It was really good. If you are interested in listening to pastor David's message on fitness you can here. 

Austin and I are working on week 5 of working out. Wanna know something? We feel good! Really good. I got out of working out consistently about 3 years ago when Baker came along. I did go on lots of long walks but I wasn't pushing myself consistently. I've been working out, off and on but my main goal is to keep at it. I want to make this part of my lifestyle again. I am focusing on manageable changes.  It is worth it. I feel so much better when I'm active. I can also see the changes in my body and my clothes are fitting better.

Friends  and Focus - 

Next week the main topic is friends. I'm gonna save an update until after I read the book and hear Sunday's sermon. Then Focus will be the following week. I seriously have no idea how focus will be addressed! I can't wait to find out!

Faith - 

I know I touched on this last week. I think the faith portion of this study has been difficult. It's the trusting that God will provide in every single way. Why is this so hard? He has always been so faithful in providing for us. I was really disheartened after my grocery store trip last week. It was the most expensive trip yet! I was just over it. After lots of prayer and a pep talk, I got my attitude on straight again. I had to give it all over to God and get over it. He will provide. The rest of the week was great but it did start out on a low point. 

Food -

The food portion of this has been relatively easy, minus the cost. The hardest part is not cooking with dairy. (butter, milk etc) It cuts out lots of meals that we love this time of year, like chicken pot pie! yummy. I did try to modify some of our typical foods this weekend into plan friendly choices. I really enjoyed cooking this week and eating it all too!

 We ate 18 apples and 20 bananas. We ran out of both on day 6! I guess I should buy more this week. My kids are eating tons of fruit and it is awesome!

My breakfast and lunches have mostly been same the last three weeks. You can see what I have been eating by reading week 1 and week 2.

 salad with grapefruit

Sunday was gorgeous and required a picnic!
 We ate veggies, humus and apples. 

We also had an avocado and egg salad -
 mushed avocado with diced boiled egg/red wine vinegar/spicy brown mustard/chives. 
This is a go to lunch for us all the time. It is yummy! 

We also had this chocolate pudding
I didn't tell anyone what was in this before I served it. I thought it was incredibly rich and a little bit went a long way. Let's just say all three of my boys devoured it and literally licked their bowls clean. If you have read any of the #Fisherhatesfood posts then you know what a big deal this is!

We also added two new snacks! Our friend Charise made both of these recipes for our life group snack. Austin loved them!

I popped organic popcorn in a spoonful of coconut oil. Then mostly followed these two recipes.

Cinnamon Honey Popcorn
I left out cane sugar and only did 1/4 tsp salt

Cinco De Mayo Popcorn
I only did 1/4 teaspoon of salt and didn't add any lime. I used olive oil and not butter. This popcorn was so good. My kids couldn't get enough, even Fisher. He cried when it was gone.


Grilled chicken and green beans. 

We made a big salad and added black beans, brown rice, tomatoes and avocado. We topped it with the chicken and tangy dressing (red wine vinegar, olive oil, cumin and chili powder) 

This meal was delicious. We ate it 2 nights and then made another batch. We really enjoyed it. This meal (minus the chicken) is something we always made before in a taco. 

Then on Saturday we had our first cheat meal. Whoops!

Sorry guys. Keeping it real. It was a crazy day and we were tired. We ordered some tacos from Rosas! We did opt for corn tortillas and no cheese. It's all about making better choices. 

We are on day 22! 18 to go! Thanks for coming along this adventure with us!

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