Thursday, February 4, 2016

Baker's Third Birthday!

Bakerman turns 3 today. 

I am not really sure how that happened since these picture was just taken yesterday. 

Baker, you changed our lives forever and in the very best way possible.

You are very strong willed and bossy. I know you will take those two traits and do amazing things with them.

You have the best smile! 

But you aren't afraid to let us know when you are unhappy. 

You called everyone mama for about 6 months. You had a dadda mama, mama mama and a Stacie mama.

Then you started calling me momby. I absolutely loved it.  

You are not a morning person. The above picture was taken at 6 am. It takes you a good hour to wake up in the mornings or after a nap. 

On this day we visited the zoo while in Washington. We noticed a hole in the fence and you ran over and stuck your head in it. We had a hard timing getting you out! 

You are very good at keeping us on our toes. 

You love the water! But if you get your sleeves wet while washing your hands, then you insist on a dry shirt. 

You are obsessed with touchdown. (football) And it was one of your very first words. 

Me: Why did you do that?
Baker: That's how I do.

You are a great big brother. Fisher is your best friend and we love watching you play together. 

You also love playing with your cousins. Especially if we happen to meet them at Chicalay. (chick-fil-a)

When we ask you to spell your name you say "BKR Baker." So when we ask you to spell mommy you say "BK mommy!" or daddy "BK daddy!"

You love to pray at dinner time.
God is good, God is grape, lettuce and tomatoes for our food. AMEN

You love to build things with Legos and play with tools. Daddy's real tools are your favorite. 

You are rough and tumble. You love to wrestle with your brother constantly. I do mean constantly. Sometimes you get in trouble for being way too rough at school. Like the day you kept knocking over your friends because you are much bigger than them. You had to sit in time out 5 times! 

Last week you decorated our table for us with a drawing. You told me it was an accident. HA! You are a very smart kid. 

You like to sneak into mommy and daddy's bed at night. You normally walk around mommy's side (closest to the door) and go to daddy. 

Me: Why do you go to daddy's side of the bed.
Baker: Because he cuddles me.
Me: What happens when you go to mommy's side.
Baker: You take me back to my room.

You really hate to wear jeans. All you want to wear is your "comfy pants" aka sweat pants. It is the end of the world if we try to put jeans on you. Believe me, I've tried. 
It was a 30 minute major struggle to get jeans on you for family pictures. You insisted that they hurt. 
Don't worry, I went through a similar stage in elementary school. 

You would be outside all day if possible. Sorting rocks is a fun game that you like to play. 

Kisses is a form of currency around our house. 

Baker: Can I have a glass of milk. 
Me: What are you gonna give me?
Baker: KISSES! I will give you 2 kisses.

And my very favorite thing-

Baker: I want you to cuddle with me.
Me: I will cuddle with you for 1 minute.
Baker: I want you to cuddle with me ALL those minutes.

He will substitute cuddle for any other word, like play. Everything he does he wants to do for all those minutes. 

Baker, we love you ALL those minutes. 

Happy Birthday!!!
AND when we ask you how old you are, you always insist that you are 4 or 5. Please don't grow up too fast little boy. 

mommy and daddy


  1. Happy Happy Birthday to Baker!! I hope he has the best day!!

  2. How is Baker three?!?! Oh my goodness! That went by quickly! Happy birthday Baker!!!

  3. How is he three already??? Time flys by when your having fun! Jake says "happy berfay, Baer" ;) Happy Birthday, Bakerman! We love you bunches!!!

  4. Happy Birthday Baker!! Cameron does the same things with jeans!! I can't wait for spring for that reason...he says the buttons hurt him. Maybe it's true but that doesn't make it less frustrating!

    1. These boys!! I can't wait for shorts too! It is seriously a battle. I've given up. He has been wearing his comfy pants even to church.

  5. Omg, how cute! Happy birthday Baker, great shots. Plenty more to come. I literally lol'ed at the cuddling in bed story.