Friday, January 29, 2016

Friday Favorites 1.29.16

It's Friday!! Yay!! I'm linking up with Andrea, Erika and Narci to talk about our favorites. 

1. My boys - this is an obvious favorite but I just love these boys so much. They fight, all the time. I probably say "get off your brother" and "stop touching him" a million times a day. What is the deal with boys and wrestling? I've decided it's just ingrained in their DNA. But these two also love each other so much. I can't imagine a world where they didn't have each other as brothers. 

This week they were passing a foam number back in forth while taking a bath. They thought it was hilarious. 

I'm sure they will not appreciate this pictures being on the internet in a few years. Sorry boys!

They also LOVE going to Home Depot or Lowe's to get stuff for our house. We went to pick up more pink (paint) and the boys drove this shopping cart. 

These brothers, I just love them so much. 

2. Baker's school had a parents appreciate breakfast yesterday. His teachers are my favorite. Seriously, these women are AMAZING! 

They teach him so much. I have been seriously impressed at how much he has learned. They pray for him and give him unconditional love all day long, even when he does stuff like this....

 Yup... he stuck a raisin up his nose. Awesome. I promise you they deserve a raise. 

3. Okay so clearly  my pictures wouldn't cut it for a fashion blogger, but this is my favorite new shirt. 
I pretty much wear t-shirts 6 days a week and I love this bright red color!

4.  This week, we finally hung something up! This bulletin board has been sitting on the floor for the last 6 months. Along with all our other walls decorations! 

We are still working on paint but we are moving along! Hoping we can start hanging the rest of our stuff up soon!

I'm ready for this house to feel like home!

5. Thank you so much for all your sweet comments and motivation about the Daniel Plan. It made it extra funny when I got a box from Amazon this week. 

Oh Amazon. Thank you for packaging them together. I promise I won't use the cookbook for the next 22 days. I will use the Ripped in 30 though. #thedanielplan 

Hope everyone has a happy weekend!! We have a long list of house projects to get to!

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  1. So happy you got my book! Thank you so much sweet friend!