Monday, January 4, 2016

Family Pictures Fall 2015

I hope you enjoyed looking at all our pictures! We used Lindsey Cotton She has taken pictures for us several times in the past like:
Our engagement photos

My bridals

And our wedding photos

 I was really excited to move back to Abilene so that she could photograph our kiddos now too!! 

 This is a pretty good representative of what it's like to take pictures with 2 toddlers. It was NOT easy. Seriously Lindsey worked HARD to get some good photos. I just don't want anyone to look at these pictures and think it was a picture perfect morning because it was not! ha! Just getting Baker dressed and out the door was a huge struggle that day and it was soooo cold. We used lots and lots of fruit snacks. In the end I think the pictures turned out great and I was okay using a little bribery to get them.  I just have to remind myself this is only a phase. One day they will easily smile for the camera (right? or is that wishful thinking?) and when if that ever happens, I will miss their sticky little snotty baby faces. 

Either way I wouldn't trade these days with my babies for anything in the world!! I love them for all those minutes.

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  1. These pictures are precious! I love each and every one of them!