Monday, January 11, 2016


Do you use Chatbooks??

It is such a cool app/website. They can make you a custom book straight from your instagram or facebook photos. You can even make a book from your camera roll. I have mine set up to send me a book from my instagram photos every time I reach 60 photos.

I love that it automatically sends them to my house and it takes very little thought from me. I get an email when a book is ready to go to print. I can go into the app (or on to the website) and exclude any photos I don't want in my book. I can also change any captions at this point too.
Here is a size comparison for you. I have really big hands. HA!

I love that my chatbooks are a record of my family's every day life. I wasn't very good at keeping a baby book but I have all the boys monthly pictures and updates in my chatbooks. It's a good way to document baby/kids milestones.

You can also print books by specific hashtags. I could print a book of all Fisher's - #fisherhatesfood pictures. I might print a book to give him when he has his first kid. 

We've also sent books to family for Christmas. It's a fun way to send grandparents a yearly scrap book.

This is my Christmas book from last year. I took all of my Christmas pictures and created a custom book, that way I can remember the magical moments with my kids.

If you haven't tried Chatbooks give it a try! It really is one of my favorite things!

I even have a code for you to use if you want your first book free! (when you start a series subscription)