Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Butler Family Merry New Years!

We wrapped up the last of our holiday celebration this weekend!! Austin's parents, B and Skipper, came to our house last week to spend some time with us.
The boys got lots of cuddles from B. 

Baker road his super fast race car around like a crazy person. Good thing he has on a double helmet.

We painted a few samples on the walls!! 

On Friday we headed to Waco for a Merry New Years with the Butler family!

Poor Skipper broke his foot the week before and was on crutches but that didn't stop him from playing!
Then this happened. This section of the post should be titled: 

What happens with a 2 year old gets a hold of the selfie stick. 

There were about 100 more pictures but I'll spare you!!

On Saturday we headed to this little shop!
Maybe you've heard of it? I blogged about our first visit back in October. 

Since I already showed the inside, I wanted to show you the beautiful gardens. I loved all the colors! We are hoping to add some raised beds at our house this spring. 

On Sunday we had a super low key day of rest at home!! We also soaked up a little sunshine! Oh how we've missed the sun. 

And that's a wrap on all our holiday celebrations!! Baker keeps telling me it's still a little bit Christmas so he will be heart broken to know it's over till next year. 

Make sure you come back tomorrow, because we are talking all about this:

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