Monday, December 7, 2015

Texas Zoo Tip!

It's not a secret that we LOVE the zoo. We visit several times a month (sometimes a week!). It's a great place for my kids to go and run off all their energy!

Abilene Zoo membership is fairly inexpensive and has easily been worth it for our family. Here is the break down of cost.

Admission -

Adults - $7
Children - $4.50 (3-12)

Membership -

Individual - $35
Dual (2 people) - $45
General (6 people) - $70

Parking is free.

What if I were to tell you that with an Abilene membership you can get in to the HOUSTON and WACO zoos for FREE!!?!! It's true! If you have an Abilene membership both Houston and Waco will honor your admittance for free. (and both Waco and Houston zoos have free parking also)

Houston people!! - How exciting is that?! It is $120 for a family membership to the Houston zoo. You could save your family $50!!! You can see all the zoos that participate in the reciprocating program here.  Note: You do lose your local zoo benefits such as early admittance one Saturday a month. You can read all of the exclusive membership benefits here. If those events aren't important to you then this is an awesome deal.

PLUS if you get an Abilene membership then you should use that as an excuse to come visit us!!

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