Monday, December 28, 2015

Recycle City

Last week Baker and I built a city out of brown paper and boxes. It was easy to assemble. We only used things that we had on hand AND he played with it for hours....several days in a row. 


I started by taping down brown paper to our table. I wanted to make sure it didn't move around a lot so I taped both ends. I also have a really old farmhouse table that I wasn't worried about getting messed up. If yours is newer/nicer maybe you shouldn't use tape. 

I then drew roads with a black crayon. 

You could easily stop here. He loved driving his cars on the roads. 

But I kept going...
I grabbed some boxes out of the recycling and pieced together some houses. 
I used duct tape/hot glue to hold the cardboard together. Then I wrapped them in brown paper to make them pretty. I also added windows/doors to mine. You could go crazy here or keep it to a minimum. It's up to you!!

Baker liked to put the cars under the houses like a garage. 

A fire station was a must at my house. 

After I did some cooking, I had this crisco box which made the perfect garage. 

Fisher had fun too. 

When Austin got home, he helped too. He is a home builder so this is activity was perfect. 

This one has a spot for cars to drive through. 

And this modern building that Baker said was the grocery store. 

I will say that the buildings I made earlier in the day and wrapped with brown paper held up great and Austin's did not. I think it's because mine had an added layer of protection from the paper.

After several days of play, I threw away the road and made a new one. Mostly because Baker was eating and playing on this table and it was GROSS!! My family was coming over for Christmas Eve and I thought Baker and my nephew, Jake, would LOVE to play. 

This time I used this level to make the road and it was much easier than free handing. 

We also added a grocery store. 

I plan to keep the buildings but trash the road when the boys are through playing. I am going to store them in a closet and in a few weeks I can get them out again and it'll be like a new toy!

Alright!! Go dig through your recycling and see what you can make!

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