Thursday, December 10, 2015

North Pole Breakfast!

Last week our elf arrived and brought a special North Pole dinner!! Breakfast is hit or miss for us during the week and I wanted Austin to be home for the fun, so dinner was the practical solution. 
This is the first year for an elf to visit our family so Baker was extra excited!!
He named his elf Pubbah. (like Bubba) I'm really not sure why but Pubbah and Gobba are his go to names for things. 
Pubbah brought along some santa jammies for the boys too!!

Now of course Pubbah the elf had to make candy cane-dogs. He wrapped the sausage up in crescent role and made it look like a candy cane. That clever elf!! 
We also ate eggs and cinnamon rolls! 

The boys enjoyed this special meal so much!!
Three years ago, we started talking about  what Christmas traditions we wanted to embrace for our kids. We thought long and hard about each one. We really considered whether or not we even wanted to encourage our kids to believe in Santa Clause. We believe that Jesus is who we should be celebrating all year long and especially during the Christmas season. Ultimately we decided to embrace some traditions like Santa and the elf on the shelf. We work hard to make sure it doesn't take away from Christ's birth. We focus on our Christian traditions while still trying to keep the magic of Christmas alive for our kiddos. 

After dinner, we watch the animated elf together. It was really fun and Baker has been talking about this night for the last week. 

 Since then, our elf has been hanging around our house and Baker loves searching for him every morning. 

He brought the boys elf cookies!!

He tried to disguise himself as a Disney princess.

He ate some gingerbread cookies

He also found the iRemote that was missing for a week!!(in Fisher's back pack!) The smart elf taped it to a wooden spoon so that it is harder to loose in the future!! (thanks Court for the idea!)

My boys are loving having Pubbah around!! I can't wait to see what else the silly elf does this year!! 

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