Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Girls Canton Weekend

Girls weekend was SOOOOOO much fun. It was refreshing and just what this mama needed. I drove to Dallas on Friday evening and met up with my girlies for dinner. I'm not gonna lie when I saw the McKinney exit my heart ached a little...okay maybe a lot. We are loving Abilene but McKinney was home for a long time and we are missing our people. 

After dinner the 5 of us headed to Lauren's house for a big slumber party!! Somehow I got lucky and got to sleep in the coziest bed all by myself!!! It was glorious. Seriously I slept really good. 

Bright and early Saturday morning we headed to Canton!! We made a quick stop for Chick-fil-a breakfast and hit the road! We had the best day shopping, talking and eating. It is always good to see these ladies and I loved every minute of it. We make a point to ALL be together at least once a year but normally that includes spouses and children.  This was the first girls only weekend and it will now be a priority too. We've been really lucky this year and see each other a lot.

I love these girls so much. I miss our time in college and the bonding that we had all living under one roof. I miss the late night laughs, prayer meetings and roommate time. It was extremely rejuvenating to be with them for the weekend and have lots of uninterrupted time. Time where we could all be a little bit selfish and not tend to anyone else's needs. (sorry kiddos!) 

Deena and Kristen headed home from Canton and I headed back to Dallas with Mal and Lauren. Lauren's parents were hosting a Sunday school party so we crashed it for all their left overs!! It was a great way to end the day!!

The next morning I met up with some of our McKinney small group friends for breakfast.  I am so thankful the Bossier family, Jen and her new baby McCoy were free to come see me!! When I walked in and saw them all sitting at the table together, I just lost it. I cried and almost couldn't get myself together. It's not that I am unhappy in our new town, I just miss my sweet friends and those deep relationship that we built. It took years to build those friendships and we traveled down some tough tough roads together. We conquered so much during the course of our friendship that we just have an eternal bond.  
(McKinney small group in May 2015)

We've really been blessed in Abilene with an amazing life group. The one thing we were really worried about when we decided to move was community. I prayed so hard on our first Sunday in Abilene that God provide us with just one connection. He did just that. He provided through our sweet new friend Jo. She leaned over after the service and invited us to join her life group at the park the following week. God very clearly and very specifically answered my prayer. It also should be noted that Jo sits in the same spot every single week BUT on the week we first visited she came in late (her hubby is on staff) and her area was full so she sat next to us. See - he was very clear! We are extremely thankful for new friends and excited about the new paths we are building. It just takes time to build those deep intimate relationships. 

After I pulled myself together, I had the best time visiting with my friends and eating some yummy breakfast. Jen headed to church with Mr. McCoy and we didn't get a picture but I did grab one with Jolene and Beau. 

I drove home feeling extremely loved. I was feeling loved by all my friends but I also felt so much love for them. But most of all I was feeling extremely loved by God. He loves me enough to provide sweet sweet people in my life. He has placed each of them in my life for a specific reason and he is continuing to provide community for my family. I'm looking forward to many more girls weekends and time with old friends!! I'm also really excited for our future in Abilene. 


  1. What a fun weekend!! So glad you had time away with friends!

  2. Well I know how you got that big bed to pretty much said "Deena has to sleep in there, on that tiny twin bed." Remember???

  3. From high school to college to McKinney and now Abilene, you have always been blessed with sweet Godly women as friends. And I am very thankful for that. Love you, my precious daughter.