Friday, December 18, 2015

Friday Favorites - Favorite Christmas Memories.

Happy Friday friends!! 1 week until Christmas!!! 
I'm linking up with Erika, Narci and Andrea to share my Friday favorites!

Today I thought I would count down my 3 favorite Christmas memories!!

3. In 2009, Austin and I had just celebrated our 1st anniversary and we were headed to Jayton to celebrate with my family for Christmas. When we left McKinney the weather was great but 40 miles into the trip it started snowing...hard. The wind was blowing 35-45 mph and visibility was low.

We were in a 4-wheel drive jeep but the roads were still terrible. We decided to push through and keep driving. Clearly we should have just turned around and gone home but we were young and dumb. Our window defroster couldn't keep up with the storm so we had to stop several times to scrap off the ice. We had the heat cranked up inside to keep the windows from freezing and we were sweating so bad. 

After 6 hours we finally reached Graham. It should have take us 2 hours and it was starting to get dark. 

We ended up getting a room at the Best Western and having Dairy Queen for our Christmas eve meal. We watched White Christmas and ate chicken strips! It was crazy but memorable for sure! (I'm super thankful that this was before kids!)

Nothing says Christmas morning like a continental breakfast!


2. Christmas of 2000 - I was a freshmen in high school and we took a family trip to my grandparents cabin in Colorado. And by family trip I mean everyone - grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins the entire crew. Oh yeah and several dogs... On our way home we hit a huge storm in Dumas, Texas. They closed ALL the roads and we couldn't leave. Amarillo reported 15 plus inches of snow that day and the road between Amarillo and Dumas had 200 plus stranded cars on it. All the hotels were booked and we ended up at the First Baptist Church with tons of other people. They church brought lots of food and supplies. They were so kind to us. We slept in church pews in the sanctuary with my entire family and a few hundred of our closest friends. The dogs added another fun element and someone had to stay with them at all times in a little recreation center across the street from the church. It was crazy and very little sleep actually happened but thankfully the weather cleared enough for us to go home the following afternoon. 

And last....
My very favorite memory doesn't have to do with a snow storm!!! 

1. Two years ago, (2013) we found out we were pregnant with Fisher on Thanksgiving day. We were shocked!! I am not even sure shocked is the best word!! It was very surreal. We had a 9 month old baby and before him we had gone through infertility for 2 years and lost 2 babies. We didn't get to tell our family we were pregnant with Baker in a fun way because it was more of a please pray for us moment. In fact, my mom was in Peru and I emailed her. Not the ideal way to tell my mom! 

We decided to keep our latest pregnancy a secret until Christmas. This was soooo hard for me...I like to talk...and I like to talk to my mom and sisters OFTEN!! On Christmas Eve we wrapped up a big brother shirt and put it under the tree without a tag. Both my brother and sister had 6 month old babies at the time too. It was the last gift under the tree and since it was without a tag my mom opened it. Everyone started questioning who it belong to and pointing fingers. We let this go on for a bit but then of course I start crying because hello pregnancy hormones. It was such a sweet moment to tell our family about our little miracle baby. It is my very favorite Christmas memory and I will remember that moment forever. 

Baker on the other hand, wasn't too crazy about the idea of being a brother. 

Thank for letting me share my favorite memories!! It's funny how the situations that don't seem ideal in the moment are the ones that stick with you forever. I need to remind my self that next time something isn't going exactly as planned. 

Hope you have a blessed weekend!!

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  1. The Big Brother announcement was my FAVORITE!!! Love this so much!

  2. So I think you need a different #2 favorite memory. I was not in that one. How could it be a favoirte when your little siter/best friend/favorite person wasn't even there. VETO! Loved the Fisher Christmas announcement though it was the best!