Friday, December 4, 2015

Friday Favorites 12/4

It's FRIDAY!!! So I'm linking up with Erika, Narci and Andrea for Friday favorites!!

1. One of my favorites this week was giving Baker's teachers their Christmas gifts. 

I blogged all about finding the perfect gift for teachers yesterday. Go check it out and get some gift inspiration for those special teachers! 

2. My favorite moment this week was going to muffins with mom at Baker's school. 

We worked on a cute art project! and ate some breakfast. Even though his face doesn't show it, he was really glad I got to "stay at school" with him. 

3. This is NOT a favorite. In fact is in the opposite of my favorite. HA!! But I spent an hour on the phone with insurance trying to get us a plan set up for next year. When I got off the phone this is what my living room looked like-

REAL LIFE!! Every since then (or possibly before) we haven't been able to find our iTV remote. We don't have cable sooooo it's really the only way we can watch TV. One of our kiddos hid it well. I'm not sure who invented this remote but SERIOUSLY it is the smallest remote and worst design ever. Clearly they didn't have kids...or a couch that swallows remotes up.  We seriously had to cut a hole in the bottom of our couch to get a remote out once. 

4. Okay back my real favorites!! 
This picture of Fisher is one of mine. Christmas is exhausting! ha! 

5. The UPS guys have been riding around our neighborhood in a golf cart everyday. This cracks me up! Where do they come from? How do they get to our neighborhood?? Do they drive down the main roads in their golf cart? Do they have them in their big trucks?? I have a million questions...maybe I'll just ask them! Has anyone else ever seen this??

6. I'm loving this little corner of our house. 
When we tore out part of the wall we made it the perfect size for this little red chest. I'm loving the way it turned out. I think it's my favorite part of our house! 

7. My ultimate favorite this week is GIRLS WEEKEND!!! I'm meeting up with some of my very favorite girls to go to Canton. You can see my Canton post here!
All my roomies this past summer! 

4 years ago- before there were any kids!!
9 years ago!!

I can't wait to have some good girl time and do some shopping!!! I've known these girls for 11 years now. They are my people! My support system and my best friends. I'm very lucky to have such amazing girl friends. 

Hope everyone has a fantastic weekend!! 


  1. There is an app for your iphone you can get that allows you to bypass the tiny, impossible to find remote, and control your appleTV. Just search for apple tv remote. The app is called Remote. Good luck!

    1. thanks girl! I'm downloading it now. I'm hoping I can sync it without being able to turn it on!! We will see

  2. I love this post!! Your decor looks amazing and you've reminded me to add the teachers to my list! I'm so horrible about that. Hope you have an amazing weekend!! :)

  3. Great teacher gift ideas! Thanks. I need to get cracking on those.