Friday, December 11, 2015

Friday Favorites 12.11

Happy Friday friends!! I'm linking up with Erika, Narci and Andrea for Friday favorites!

This week has been BUSY!!! We have had lots of fun visitors this week and we are loving it!!
I started out my week with a flat tire and they pulled this out of it!! Isn't that crazy!! We decided it was part of an allen wrench. 

1. Baker had his Christmas program at school!! It was his favorite moment of the week! Can you see how excited he is!! (he is in the red shirt by the door)

Well that excitement lasted for about 2 minutes and then he realized he was supposed to sing for the big crowd.  The excitement quickly turned to tears and he sat in his teacher's lap the entire program! 

After the program, Fisher and I headed home for a bit so he could nap make a big mess. 

Then we headed back to Baker's school for a book exchange and Christmas party. 

Fisher loved sitting with the big kids!

I made these juice box snowmen for his party and they were a favorite for the 2 year olds!

I hesitated to make a craft out of something I knew would be quickly thrown away but I'm really glad I did. The kids loved them and Baker enjoyed "helping." He loves to craft and it's fun for us to do something together. I also didn't spend any money to make them. The only supply needed was scrapbook paper that I already had! 

2. After the party I snapped these pictures of my boys. They are a favorite of mine. They aren't perfect. And at least one of them is blurry in every picture because these boys never stop moving!!! But they show our stage of life and that's what I love. 

That's Baker's signature head-lock hug. 

3. I think Pubbah (like bubba) was a little jealous of the snowman juice boxes so he made his own. 

Baker wasn't impressed with the elf juice at all. He just wanted to make sure he would get to drink it. 

Make sure you check out our North Pole dinner with Pubbah too. 

4. After missing for a week, I finally found the iRemote. It was in the very bottom of Fisher's backpack. Finding it was a favorite moment for me! Ha. We don't watch a lot of TV but we haven't been able to watch anything in a week!! 

My sweet former student, Courtnie, suggested to tape it to a spoon so that's what we did!  And thanks to a blog suggestion we also downloaded the remote app on both of our phones!! 

5. I got to get some baby snuggles with baby Parker this week too!! My sister came in for an appointment and she left little Parker with me for a bit! His chunky baby rolls are my favorite!! 

6. I love it when my boys wear matching clothes. When we found out Fisher was a boy that was what I was most excited about! I went straight to the store and bought them matching outfits after our gender sonogram. 
These Christmas pjs are my favorite! I just love them! I know the days of matching won't last long so I have to get as much as I can now!!

7. I found this ottoman this week at Tuesday morning. 
 I love the way it looks in from of my red chairs! This may be my favorite picture from this week! I just love how bright and cheery this room has become!

8. Baker headed to the dentist this week for the first time!! Both boys loved playing in the waiting room. 

This little elf did great! His favorite was the toy box at the end! He was so excited about his prizes. 

That about sums up our week!! It was super busy and lots of favorites for sure!! Hope everyone has a great weekend!!


  1. Oh my goodness! The white ottoman looks perfect with the chairs! That room is just beautiful! Happy Friday friend!

  2. Your little ones are adorable! Looks like you had a great week
    Chelsea @

  3. I love those little boys! And I love you!