Thursday, December 3, 2015

DIY Christmas Gift Bags and Teacher Gift Ideas

How cute are these DIY Christmas bags?! I wanted to add a special touch to Baker's teachers gifts so this is what we came up with! I was able to make 3 bags in under 20 minutes. Plus all of the supplies were things I had on hand so the cost of this project was $0. SCORE!! It was easy and simple and added a fun little flair to their gifts. I had Baker do his hand print in white paint the night before so that it dried. Then the next day I painted all the details of Santa's face and hat. I also glued on a cotton ball for the end of his hat too. 

This would the perfect gift bag for anybody!! I love the way they turned out! If your kid is older than mine (2), then they could paint Santa all by themselves!! I think it would add to the charm. Maybe next year B! 

I got this idea from our pinterest inspired ornaments that we made last year. 

Wanna know what's in the bags????

 Do you need a little gift giving inspiration??

The shirt I ordered from my friend Carla - she works for an elementary school and they order Christmas shirt every year. How cool is that? It keeps the cost really low when they do a large bulk order. I was able to pick up these tees for $7 each. The earrings I grabbed on clearance from Nordstrom for $4. Red here on sale!

I rolled them up and tied them with a string. For $11 I'm extremely happy with the way these gifts turned out! They are cute and easy on my wallet. 

Need a few other inexpensive gift ideas for teachers??

All of these ideas are under $20

Candle from Allen Arbor These candles are handmade and $15

Christmas dish towels these are made in McKinney! 

How about an $8 necklace from Nordstrom? You don't have to know a size AND Nordstrom always offers free shipping! 
You make my heart happy! I love the message this pillow sends! It would be perfect for a preschool or elementary aged student. I would say if you have an older student to stay away from this pillow. It might go from sweet to creepy. I am just picturing a 15 year old biology student giving it to me!!! It's $19.43 (free shipping!)

Or a fun Christmas pillow! This one is $19.20 (free shipping!)

I am loving my Eloweezy mumbler. You can find a mumbler with a cotton sleeve for $20. I would have LOVED to get this as a teacher! 

Speaking of me teaching, this is an actual gift I got from a student when I was teaching. 
This sweet student filled a Christmas tree with tea!! It was so sweet and thoughtful!! I loved it!!  I'm guessing this can be done for less than $10. 

A mug filled with coffee, tea or a starbucks gift card is always super fun too!!

You can find this mug here!

If you have access to a Pure Water Ice Tea company or a Tea to Go a giftcard to one of those would be perfect with a mug! 
Santa mug (says set of 4 but I got mine in store not in a set)

This joy banner is adorable!! It is 17.60 (free shipping!) I love banners! This would look adorable in any house! 

 For the Love by Jen Hatmaker for $11.49 on amazon. Santa picked up this book for me. He read my list and dropped it off a little early. I'm pretty certain any teacher woman would love this book. 

One year I got a pedicure gift card from student. It was so sweet! and really unnecessary but I loved it! (Thanks Courtnie!) Honestly I'm sure every teacher can agree that just a sweet note is gift enough. I have a file full of notes from students. If you are on a tight budget grab a card or some paper and let your kiddos create a card!! You can always grab a candy bar and attach it and I promise their teacher will love it!!

Hope you got some good gift inspiration today!! See you tomorrow for Friday favorites!! 


  1. I many cute ideas! I love those hand print bags the most :).

  2. Great ideas! I love the hand print bags! So cute!

  3. The gifts turned out SOOOO cute!! His teachers are going to love them! You are so thoughtful. :)

  4. Loving the candle, towels and tea tree. Oo! And the pillow. Nice goodies!