Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Christmas Traditions

I love this time of year!! It's my favorite. Our family has lots of fun birthdays and anniversaries to celebrate during November and December and it just makes the entire season even more special! We  have lots of fun traditions we like to incorporate this time of year too. Some are new, some are old but they are all special to me. Here are a few of my favorites.

1. I've talked about this tradition before but I love our  wedding tree . It's always one of our first yearly traditions because the first thing we do is decorate! We typically deck our halls the weekend before Thanksgiving so that we can enjoy extra sparkle the entire season.

2. Our tree skirt - I look forward to pulling this out every year and I hope one day my boys do too!
It has our boys hands/feet from each Christmas. 

Baker in 2013.

3. Making homemade ornaments - 

Last year we started a new tradition. My mom requested that each grandchild make an ornament for her tree. I brought all the supplies and each kid made a hand or foot print ornaments. I made a duplicate set so I could have one for mine too!! The hands are both Baker's and the foot is Fisher's. 

The ultimate goal as the kids get older, is for them to decorate their own ornaments. There are 6 grand babies all born within the last 2 1/2 years so it might be a while before we give them creative freedom! I know eventually we will be there and I will be longing for their tiny footprints. 

4. Nativity set - 

Austin's parents gave us the little people nativity set 3 years ago, when I was pregnant with Baker. I love getting it out every year and watching the boys play with it. 

Baker 2013

5. Matching jammies is a Christmas MUST!!

Baker 2013

Fisher 2014

6. As well as a trip to see SANTA!!!

Baker asked for a big guitar AND a little guitar but not a broken one.




7. Christmas lights - 
Every year we put on our jammies and go out to look at Christmas lights. Baker was really into lights last year. He called them "lights on."  
Fisher on our light adventure 2014

8. Christmas lights parade -
Abilene has a fun Christmas parade. This was our first year to attend but it will be a tradition for sure.

 My boys even got extra lucky this year, they got to go to a light parade with Honey too!!

9. Christmas cards from friends and family - 

Don't you love how they class up my unfinished doors! HA! 

Our card from 2014

10. Christmas Eve tamales -

The Butler family always eats tamales on Christmas eve. This is our first Christmas Eve to spend in our own house!! I am so excited and we will be eating tamales too!! 

11. At my Mimi and Papa's house (mom's parents) - we were always required to sing or do some sort of talent before we were able to open Christmas gifts. As kids we always thought that it was torture BUT I have the best memories of our Christmas shows. I think I'll find a way to incorporate this as my kids get older. 

12. Sounds of Christmas
These two CDs are our Christmas anthems. We listen to them nonstop this time of year. We've had them since our first Christmas together and nothing says Christmas like Third Day. 

Do you have any special traditions?? Hope you enjoyed reading about mine!! 

I'm gonna leave you with one of my favorite Christmas pictures. I snapped this last year of Baker on Christmas morning. 

 I Wanna Feel Christmas Like A Child 
Third Day 

I want to feel Christmas how it used to be
With all of its wonder falling on me
This season has felt so empty oh for quite a while
I want to feel Christmas like a child

I want to see snowflakes fall to the ground
My brothers and sisters all gathered around
Singing Away In A Manager as we sit by the fire
I want to feel Christmas like a child

It's been so long now I can't say
Just when I lost my way
But I'm going back to how it was
When this day meant everything
And we spent our time remembering 
The baby Child born for us

It's all about Jesus asleep in the straw
This infant this King this Savior for all

So I don't need bells to be ringing
'Cause I'll join with angels singing
And I can feel Christmas like a child
I want to feel Christmas like a child
I want to feel Christmas like a child

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  1. I love the tree skirt! I love the homemade ornaments! I love those little boys! And I love you!