Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Christmas decorations

Wanna peak inside my house and see my Christmas decorations? This year Austin told me anything we didn't use needed to find a new home. So naturally I replied with "challenge accepted!" I did a good job at using almost every single thing we own.

Just remember as you look through the pictures that our house is a project and there are lots of corners and spaces that are still raw and unfinished!! (like the fact that there are no baseboards anywhere!)

Our tree is a mix of ornaments we have collected or been gifted the last 7 years plus Austin's childhood ornaments. My ornaments are all still at my mom's house. I guess I should get them sometime! Grandmother Butler has helped our ornament collection over the last few years too!! She gives us an ornament each year! All of the red and gold balls were decorations from our wedding. 

I love the tradition of putting up our wedding tree every year. We have lot of fun traditions that I'm gonna talk about tomorrow!! So make sure you come back for that too!!

Our tree skirt has the boys hands and/or feet from each year since they were born.

Baker insisted on doing his foot too since little brother got to!

This paint marker seems to work better for writing names than sharpie. (just in case you decide to tackle this diy at home) It's not perfect. It has smeared hands and messy sharpie from writing names but I love it. 

These fun Christmas plates were also a wedding gift. I love them!!! They are fun and festive and amp up our dinner table!

The red and gold napkins and place holders were also from our wedding. I love being able to reuse everything each year. 
This fun set of dishes came from grandmother Butler too. They are from Williams Sonoma and I love them! Ours are from 2010 but their current collection is really pretty!!

This little guy came from the target dollar spot. Our elf Pubbah brought him to the boys and Baker helped me put him together. 

the guest bathroom

I've had both of these since college! My mom and I got them on a shopping trip one weekend!

Our little drink corner!! I love peppermint tea in the winter. 

My mom gifted me this handmade quilt one year for Christmas. It's one of my favorite things! 

This little white tree (also from our wedding) is full of the official state of Texas ornaments. Austin's parents give us one each year. They are all architectural elements from the capital. 

The holly berry tree skirt is actually a table cloth my mimi (mom's mom) handmade. I got it from my mom but she remembers it from when she was little. 

My very favorite thing to decorate this year, was my built-ins!! 

This Santa is from our very first year as a married couple! 


And of course this nativity set. (another wedding gift) It is the most important part of Christmas.

Therefore the Lord himself will give you a sign: The virgin will conceive and give birth to a son, and will call him Immanuel. - Isaiah 7:14


  1. I mean...everything is just perfect! I absolutely love your house! It's gorgeous...and even more so with your decorations up :). Love it!

  2. Everything is perfect...especially the little boy playing with the Christmas ornament!

  3. As someone not into Christmas decor, I love what you did. The colors are cheery and balanced and not the slightest bit overwhelming.:)