Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Christmas Day

Make sure you read all about our Christmas Eve fun here!!

On Christmas morning Santa came to visit the Butler boys!! 
Baker was really concerned he wouldn't come since Fisher stole his cookies!!

All Baker wanted for Christmas was a guitar. In May Baker played with his friend Jude's guitar and it started his obsession. His parents were in our small group in Mckinney. They were the worship leaders at our church so Jude always had a guitar or drum sticks with him. Every since that night Baker has asked for a guitar. We told him if he would give up his paci that he could have one. He didn't really want to give it up just yet and with moving we didn't want to push it. We waited till November and then took the plunge. We went cold turkey and told him Santa would bring him a guitar if he would say good-bye to his "daci." He did great and then somewhere along the way he started asking for not one but two guitars. "A big one and a little one, one that's not broken" (my mom has a guitar with a broken string at her house) I never intended to get him two but my mom offered her guitar that she got in middle school. He was so excited to get them both on Christmas morning.  

Santa brought Fisher this plasma car.

The aftermath of boxes and trash! wow!

After unwrapping presents we played for a little bit before heading to my mom's house. 

This toy was a hit!! It also caused a complete meltdown when it came time to leave. He did not want to get in the car and leave his new toys behind. I was trying to avoid a meltdown at my mom's house. I knew he wouldn't want to share it with the other boys either. We comprised and he took it in the car to play on the way there. 

Can you see little brother playing in the background?

We loaded up!!! 

And then we headed to Mimi and Papa's house to continue the celebration with family. 

I love my hand made stocking. My Nana made the stockings for her grandkids (my mom's generation) and my mimi made all the ones for her grandkids (my generation).

We did a little playing and then headed to my mom's house. 

that's a lot of people!!

Let's do a quick flash back- 

This is us in 2011 - (2012 was technically our last Christmas before babies but it was our year for Christmas at our inlaws so we don't have any pics)

2013 - we added 3 babies

 3 years later and now our family looks like this!
6 kids all under 3!!

 Red Jeeps just like Honey's!

 This is about as good as it gets with three two year olds. 
 I've got my mind on my Honey and my Honey on my mind. 

 How gorgeous is miss Hollis!!

 After all the fun we went for a little bike ride! This strider bike was Baker's gift from his Honey last year and he still loves it. 
Then we went home to sleep in our own beds! The next morning we had a jam session. 

And headed back the next day for a little more family fun!! 

He thought he was hot stuff sitting at the big boy table. 

I think we had the best Christmas yet!! 

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  1. I love that Baker got a guitar!! That's perfect for him!