Thursday, December 17, 2015

5 Christmas Projects with a Roll of Brown Paper

Brown paper packages tied up with strings, these are a few of my favorite things...

Last week we took this

 a roll of brown paper and turned it into 5 different Christmas projects! 

1. Placemats

I made these for our North Pole dinner. 

Then the next day I added a coloring section for the boys. 

This was so simple and a big hit at my house! How fun would this be for a kids table at Christmas. 

For the next few projects we used a potato stamp. 
This was extremely simple. I cut a potato in half and cut out the shape I wanted for my stamp. I chose a Christmas tree but it would have been easy to make a star or any other shape!

I unrolled some brown paper and did lots of stamping! 

I let Baker do his own version on a brown paper bag. 

He LOVED it. He has asked to stamp several times since then. After these dried we worked on our next projects. 

2. Table Runner

Another fun kids table idea. I know a few fun creative adults who wouldn't mind sitting here too. 

3. Name Cards

4. Gift Tags

5. Gift Wrap 

Baker's version:

remember his was made from a grocery bag!!

My version:

I love the way all these projects came together!! But best of all is that they were EASY!!!


  1. I feel like you should have your own show. Your ideas are so great!

  2. I have the same red and white string!! Thanks target dollar spot! It's all over my Christmas presents! 👍😀