Wednesday, November 11, 2015

The Never Ending Granite Saga and Shiplap Walls

Happy Wednesday Friends!! Today's post is a little random with lots of updates.

1. Let's start with the NEVER ENDING GRANITE SAGA!!!!! Remember when I told you that our granite was good and we were in the clear to move on? Well about 3 days after that post, we had several stains show up...again. We then got lots of visits from the company executives and the granite reps to check out the situation. In one last ditch effort to save the granite, we striped it down one more time and used a different sealer. It's been 5 days and we are in the clear so far! Hoping we can install back splash soon.

2. Austin has been working really hard to install shiplap walls in our dining room. It's been a tedious job but he's making great progress. Here's a little sneak peak. 

3. Did you see our new light? I posted all about it on Monday. 

4. Happy Veterans Day. I'm really lucky to have some extra special veterans in my life. In a big month of thankfulness I want them to know how thankful I am for them. Love them all. 
My papa - Norman Hahn
My grandpa - James Muscatell
My little brother - Todd Lawson
My dad - General Jim Muscatell 

The family at his retirement ceremony 2 years ago. 

I love all these men and the sacrifices they have made for us all. 


  1. Girl, I cannot believe that granite is doing that! And listen, those walls look amazing!

    1. Thanks! I'm glad Austin embraces all my ideas! Ha!

  2. I love the light in your home and your charming decor. If I ever chose granite I'd sure pick your color. So clean. Glad all is well after that sealer.