Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Thanksgiving crafts part II

I have a few more fun ideas for you today! Make sure you check out my post from yesterday too!

 Indian Corn

How cute are these?? I saw this idea on pinterest from Shaken Together blog. I thought they were cute but immediately dismissed making them because who has time to track down candy in the right colors? I certainly don't! ha! Then I ran across some peanut butter m&ms (my weakness) in the perfect colors! YAY!

Here's what you need!! 
M&Ms - each m&m bag made 3-4 corn
brown paper (I used a grocery bag!)
I filled my pretzel bags with m&ms and used the twisty ties that came with the bags to secure the tops.  Then I trimmed down most of the excess bag. 

I then cut off a section of brown paper (about 5 inches by 5 inches) to make the husk. I wadded it up several times to give it the crinkled look. The I cut it most of the way up. 

I wrapped it around the remaining plastic and secured it with twine. 

I then stamped out thankful on husk part and I was done! 
How fun is this for your Thanksgiving meal?

Or you could use them as place cards. 

Of course we would set a place for Honey - what the kids call my mom.

 I love the pop of fall color that they add to the table. 

We gave these to Baker's preschool teachers at school for part of our thankful30

Pumpkin Centerpiece

OK!! I am obsessed with the way this pumpkin turned out. I've seen a few of these on pinterest over the last month or so. I picked up some moss from hobby lobby thinking I might attempt it and then never did. Well on Saturday we visited a really cute Christmas market in Abilene and a girl was selling them for $50. I decided then that I should at least attempt it.
Here is the moss I used. 
I used Baker's mud pumpkin. (and he was NOT happy that I put "flowers" all over it.) Lots of my craft supplies are still lost from the move but I managed to find my hot glue gun. I glued moss all over the top of the pumpkin. 
Then I went to our front porch and cut off tons of succulent tops. The more the better!! Luckily this part for me was free. I can imagine it would get pricey if you are buying them just for this project. 

I used a tiny bit of glue on them to secure them. I read a few tutorials online and people used all different types. I used my glue gun (low heat one) because I can't find anything else at the moment. We will see if the plants survive!! In theory you should be able to (once again I read several things)
A- plant the entire pumpkin
B- cut off the top and plant the pumpkin
C- remove the succulents and plant them

We will see if one or all of those work!! I'll keep you updated. You are supposed to spray the succulents every few days with water to keep them alive. 

I also managed to get lots of leaves to propagate during this project. yay! I can't wait for them to grows root and start new plants!

Then because I couldn't help myself, I made a few small pumpkins too. 

Do you spy the pretty shiplap in the background?!

I love the colors these pumpkins add to my table! And how they compliment my pioneer woman plates! This project was extremely easy and cheap. I had the pumpkin and succulents on hand and the only thing I bought was the moss for less than $5. 

We are installing our back splash tile at our house this week!! yay! Get excited! I know I am!! 


  1. I love the pumpkins! What a beautiful table you have set for Thanksgiving. And I'm so glad you set a place for me. I love the candy corn too!

  2. Those corn crafts are adorable! And the ship lap is amazing. Did you make that big star? Or where did you get it?! Ineouldnlove one for my house :)

    1. Kristen, I WISH I had made the star!! Isn't it fabulous!! It's made from an old tobacco drying rack. I found it at vintage market days. It's a traveling craft/vintage show. I think the dealer was from McKinney, Tx though. I bet you could replicate it pretty easily!