Monday, November 9, 2015

Let There Be Light

Remember when I brought home these goodies from Canton

I had big dreams we could make the metal piece into a light fixture. It was actually really easy!! Well really easy for me! I just did the shopping. I do think Austin would side with me on this even though he did the work. 

Let's pretend like I have a really pretty backsplash...ok?? And let's pretend like there isn't a hole in the ceiling too. And while you are at it try to imagine that red line isn't there too. 

Let's do a before and after just to remind you how this space started! The sink had a nice fluorescent light right above it. 

Here are some similar options I found online:

 (Just as a side tip - RH baby and child has some great lights for WAY less than their main store - we even ordered our dining room chandelier from there)

And just in case you were curious:
I bought the metal piece for $15 and Austin spent $20 on the light converter kit. 
That's a $35 light. 

I love the way it turned out!! Thank you Austin for being so handy and going with all my ideas!! And for saving us some money!!! 


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    1. Can you imagine the completed before and after???!!! Ekkkk. I can't wait!