Thursday, November 19, 2015

Kitchen Subway Tile

Our kitchen has finally entered it's final stages of it's renovation!! Hallelujah! Before I show you some new pictures let's do a little review.

Original Kitchen

Gutted Kitchen


Then we added a little white paint and a few new lights. 

Then granite and appliances!

OHHH and the floors!!

We decided to go with a plain white subway tile with white grout. Our original pick was a crackled subway tile but we decided since our granite is so busy we wanted a more subtle tile. Then we picked a small white subway tile and stuck with that for several months. On Friday I went to my moms for the day to see family and Austin calls me and tells me he wants to switch our tile again. HA!! We were supposed to start install on Monday so he had to pick out tile that day. I told him that I trusted him and I better not hate it. Thankfully I don't!! It was almost like that time he surprised me with a huge project in our McKinney house!! I went on a 2 week trip to see family and to Sante Fe with my mom. When I came back to McKinney our kitchen ceiling looked like this!

It was a good surprise and I loved it. Sometimes I really miss having a finished house!! 

Okay back to our back splash! You ready to see some pictures?!

It's so subtle, clean and white!! I actually wanted to do a gray grout but Austin vetoed and we settled on white. I should publicly declare that he was right. We have a few modern touches in our kitchen with all the stainless appliances but we really like a more rustic feel.  The plain white was a better choice for us.

We still have our vent hood to install, patching holes, trim work, and painting left to complete the kitchen. I love how this space is coming along!

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