Friday, November 20, 2015

Friday Favorites

Happy Friday friends!! I'm linking up with Erika, Andrea and Narci for Friday Favorites!

1. I'm pretty excited about this weekend! We are headed to A People Party Productions fall craft fair! I did a post all about it this week so make sure you check it out! I would hate for you to see my favorite new goodies next week and feel like you missed out! 

2. Baby kisses

Fisher is obsessed with giving baby kisses and it's my favorite! Baker always has to get in on the action too. 

3. One of my favorite treats is ice cream. 

This Tillamook is pretty good. And it tastes extra good out of a santa clause mug. BUT we are missing our Blue Bell. We happen to have an inside source that tell us it should be back on shelves in Abilene area on 12/14. WAHOOO!!! But only in pint sizes and smaller. I'll take it anyway I can! 

4. Family pictures! This isn't necessarily my favorite day ever but it's a favorite to get the pictures back. I picked out everyone's outfits last week and on Saturday morning we were all set. Austin had a concrete pour so I was home alone getting the kids ready....when it came time to get Baker dressed it was major major meltdown mode. He kept telling me "I do not want to wear anything" or "that hurts." (where did he learn that one!?) I even had a back up outfit for him just in case but that wasn't pleasing him either. Luckily daddy came home and after a good long meltdown, we finally managed to get the kid dressed. Once we got to pictures he did great. I don't think we got any posed family pictures but hey that's just not the stage of life we are right now. I know I'm gonna love the pictures of my boys wrestling on this quilt that my Nana (my great grandmother) made. 
 To celebrate we went for donuts!
This place did not disappoint!! so yummy!! Do you see the sleeping baby? Pictures wore him out. 
 A little donut cheers! Our boys are obsessed with cheers-ing things. It's pretty funny.
Success!! (sorta)

5. Speaking of my Nana, my mimi (grandmother) has this wall in her house where we have been marking our heights for years. 

I love that my Nana's name is on that wall. Even though she is no longer with us it's a great reminder of her presence. She was a great lady! Fiesty and amazing. 

I added my boys to the wall too. This is a favorite family tradition for sure! I wanted something similar so I got a big ruler for my house. I'll take a picture to show when it's finally unpacked! HA! But I have been marking the boys heights on their birthdays. 

6. Speaking of birthdays, mine is in 1 week. My sweet hubby gathered letters from my friends and family and he's been giving me one a day. It's such a fun way to start or end a day. I feel so blessed! Thank you for all the notes and thank you Austin for making me feel special. Love you all. These notes are my favorite and I'll be cherishing them for many years!! 

When I was struggling with infertility, this verse just became my verse. It spoke to me and I loved it. A sweet friend sent it to me. The envelope said - to my person - and I immediately knew who it was from. I opened it up and strongly felt the need to pray for her. So I did and then I texted her to thank her. Turns out she really needed my prayer that morning. Of all the days Austin could have given it to me, he chose that day. It's amazing when God sends simple reminders of his love. 

7. Our kitchen project is a big favorite this week!!

8.  We are hosting our harvest party this weekend with our new life group!!
I know it's going to be a favorite! I love getting to know new friends and who doesn't like a pot luck!

Well that's it for now!!! We are going to have a busy but super fun weekend! I hope you do too!!
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  1. I love the markings on the wall! How special is that?!

  2. I have to admit I cried when I read the part about God sending "simple reminders of His love." It's so amazing. And it happens all the time!
    Love you, sweet girl!

    1. aww you are so sweet!! And yes his little reminders are the BEST!! Love you too!