Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Farm O'ween

We got to spend the weekend with our friends at their farm celebrating Farm O'ween. We had the best time in the rain! (again!!) The kids loved playing with their friends, running crazy, dressing up and riding 4-wheelers. I got to spend some time with some of my very best friends too!! so it was a win-win! And bonus- the Aggies won!

On Friday night we celebrated Deena's 30th birthday!

The babies!

The mamas!

Happy 30th birthday Deena

All the kiddos enjoying some bday cookie!

On Saturday we ate lots of food and watched the Aggies win! Whoop. Then we dressed the kiddos up and let them trick -or- treat in the barn. 

breakfast sausage mummy dogs were on the menu of course!

Baker has shortened Cameron to Camer. I hope he always calls him that! 

It was finally time to get dressed up for Farm O'ween!
Baker was a cowboy!!
All the kiddos! - Baker, Kinsley, Ellie, Callie and Camer

Kinsely and Callie's mama was in my anatomy lab in college. We dissected a cat together for a semester! and her hubby was Paul (Deena's husbands) roomate! Small world and really fun that they could come too!!

And AJ, one of Paul's roomates happened to be the reason Austin and I met in college. We used to hang out with AJ and his sweet wife Holly when we all lived in the north Dallas area. 

Ninja Camer

Look at these cute ninja turtles!

Since we didn't actually trick-or-treat, the daddies each went into a room in the barn so the kids could pretend. They knocked and yelled trick-or-treat. It was pretty cute!! I think they had a great time and so did the parents. It was very stress free and we weren't chasing them through the neighborhood. 

Then this little cowboy enjoyed his candy!

My little pumpkin finally woke up to join the fun too!

The next few pictures are pretty typical...my boys just can't keep their hands off each other!!

Thank you Faselers for hosting Farm O'ween!! We had the best time!

On the way home on Sunday we ran by target and grabbed Baker a lion costume for cheap! He kept telling me he wanted to be a lion but I did not want to spend money or make costume when I knew we weren't actually going trick or treating! I was hoping I could grab one discounted after Halloween.  Luckily we found one!!

And I know this blury and that there is a big pile of clean laundry in the background, BUT he just looks soooo sweet!! He was "getting" me. 

We had the best weekend!! Hope everyone else did too!!


  1. What a super fun time!! I love the farm o'ween! That's so creative! Believe it or not, I dissected a cat in high school for our anatomy class. I got to keep the cat head, on a trophy for having the highest grade in the class. Haha. My mom still has it!

    1. HAHA!! wow! I can't believe they let you keep it!

  2. Best Halloween ever!!! So glad yall were there!