Monday, November 16, 2015

Fall Thanksgiving Crafts

We've been getting ready for Thanksgiving around our house!! The last few weeks we've made a few fun and kid friendly crafts for our Thankful30! Baker has had a blast crafting. He loves it! He also managed to cut his shirt and make a huge mess but for the most part we've both been having fun.

Turkey Cards

The first thing we made were these turkey cards!! 
Any hand print craft is a win in his book! 

After the hand print was dry I cut out around his fingers so that you could see the feathers. 

I secured the feathers with tape first and then glue. I ended up wrapping the front of the card with foil and putting a heavy book on top to make sure the glue stuck to all the feathers. The foil was just to keep the glue off the table/book. 

I used a pretty architecture book! I mean how beautiful is that cover! 

I let Baker pick all the feathers for each one. He loved using all red. I drew on beak, snood (red thing) and some wiggly eyes! I also drew on feet but looks like I snapped these pictures before then! I let him decorate the insides to send to people too! 

Then don't turn your back because if you do, your 2 year old will probably pick off all the eyes! HA! He's such a mess.

Turkey Dogs

And since we were on a turkey kick, we made some (mummy dog-ish) turkey dogs! I used breakfast sausage and of course they were a big hit! Baker kept calling them his hand print turkeys. And Fisher gobbled them up! 

Encouragement Tree

Next up was this little encouragement tree. This project turned out way better than I first imagined. I love when that happens. To start I grabbed a 4 inch rosemary tree from home depot for our tree. The rest of the supplies were things I had on hand at home. 

Here is the rosemary plant straight from the store. 

I took of the plastic liner off and replaced it with brown paper. I used a brown grocery bag. I cut it to the approximate size I wanted and tied it with a ribbon. I wanted it to have a crinkly/bunchy look. The original liner wasn't terrible but I wanted it to have a complete look since it was a gift. 

I then stamped out words on the paper scraps that described the sweet recipient. I probably could have kept going and going. She is just one of the people that is an amazing and giving person. She has been a part of my life for a very very long time. She is very special to my whole family. I wanted her to know how much I value her and how thankful I am for her. 

My hope in life is that these words describe me too. We loved giving this little tree away. It was really special. 

I'm going to challenge you again to show someone you are thankful for them. I bet it will bless you more than them. 

Come back tomorrow so I can show you how I made this awesome pumpkin and a few other fun things!