Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Wreath Making at The Mill

A few weeks ago I met up with my friends Carla and Hillary for a girls night! We met at The Mill in downtown Abilene for a wreath making class hosted by The Grace Museum.

These girls have been so sweet to me since we moved. Carla (middle) and her hubby were friends with Austin in high school. Carla played doubles tennis partners with my sis-in law Meredith back in the day.
We had the best time making our wreaths and just enjoying girl time! The girl who taught the class walked us through a few steps at a time and then let us be creative and enjoy ourselves.
On Wednesday nights, The Mill hosts a create your own sangria bar. You can't get much better than sangria, crafts and girl time!
The class was about 2 hours and after we headed outside to enjoy the nice weather.
The Mill is a fabulous. Austin and I are planning a date night in the very near future. I think we will try the Thursday night steak night next!  They also have live music several nights a week and the atmosphere is amazing. There is lots of outdoor seating and seating within the grapevines too. I thought the grapevine seating would be great for a more intimate date atmosphere or a fun place for friends to chat or play games. We grabbed a seat in the grapevines and shared some yummy desserts.

So clearly I should have taken this before we cut up all the treats but we just couldn't help ourselves!! It was a fun way to end the night.


  1. A wreath and sangria???? I might need to drive to Abilene just for that class! So fun! And your wreath is so pretty!!

    1. YAY!!! come visit!! that would be fun!!!

  2. Loved it!! Can't wait for our next girl's night!!!