Thursday, October 1, 2015

October Goals

Review of September Goals

1. Finish all the big house renovations- We did really good with this goal! Check out our progress - kitchen, removed walls, floors and updated cabinets. We can live in our house full time now!

2. Enjoy the West Texas Fair and Rodeo - We had so much fun enjoying the parade, fair and rodeo. Baker has asked several times to go back to the fair so I consider that a success!
3. Explore a new place in Abilene - We explored several new places! But I think the only one that made the blog was Hickory Street Café. Looks like I need to work on another shop local post! You can see the local places we visited in August by clicking here!

4. Track our monthly spending - we totally failed on this one. The boys and I had to be gone half of the month and this was a huge bust.

5. Get lots of snuggles - I got to watch my nephew Jake a few days to help out his mama. I also stole some sweet snuggles from his new baby brother Parker. I'm hoping to see my new (and first!) niece this weekend too.
Austin needed some Parker snuggles too.

6. Focus on Fisher's eating - We didn't focus on this as much as I wanted to this month. Again being gone just made it hard. Next month! I'm also working on a post about his eating. Maybe it will help another mama who is struggling too.

October Goals

1. Budget! - we have to make this a priority this month!!! Budget Budget Budget! I need someone to keep me accountable! Who is going to email/call/text/nag me to stay on top of this?? Any takers?

2. Decorate Pumpkins - Baker is old enough to enjoy decorating pumpkins this year! YAY! His favorite book is Happy Pumpkin Day Mouse. His Great-Grandmother Butler gave it to him last year. She always sends the boys the sweetest packages. He knows every word to this book and has already told me he wants to decorate a silly pumpkin like in the book. I'm hoping there is some type of pumpkin patch locally we can go visit. Anyone have a suggestion?

3. House - Finish all trim work - includes baseboards for the entire house and finishing out all the doors. We want to complete the shiplap siding project in the dining room. We also need to figure out the granite issues and next steps if needed.

4. Enjoy time with out of state family - My dad and step mom are going to be visiting from Washington state this month. We don't get to see them often so I really want to enjoy the time we are together!
We took these family pics when we were in Washington summer 2014. I was very pregnant with Fisher.
Baker with his pappa June 2014 in Seattle.
Baker and Barret 1 year ago.
The last picture we took of them with the kids! Maybe we will have better luck this time!

5. Start Christmas shopping and planning!! I picked up the boys some Christmas jammies this week. I love Christmas time and I don't want to be stressed by waiting till the last minute.
I'm loving writing out our goals! I can't wait to see how we do at the end of October!
And it just happens to be my bestie Deena's 30th birthday!!!!! Happy Birthday Deena. I can't wait to celebrate with you soon!!!


  1. Love your goals friend! Happy October 1st!

    1. Thanks!! your goals always inspire me!!

  2. Woohoo I made it on the blog!! Thanks 👍 I love seeing your goals...makes me feel the need to be productive!

    1. Yay!!! Happy birthday!! And I'm loving tracking my goals!! (Who would have thought?!)