Thursday, October 29, 2015

Magnolia Waco, Texas

I know lots of people LOVE fixer upper on HGTV. The Butlers love it too!! I thought I would give you a little glimpse inside the new Magnolia Market at the silos today. We got to visit this weekend while we were in Waco.

These first two photos were taken by Nancy. 

It was raining and wet!! They still have some work to do before the grand opening this weekend but it was still fabulous. Parking wasn't easy, especially in the rain, but I heard they are working on a lot. 

Look at the floors!!!

They had an in store sink to water plants. How cool is this sink!

We loved the store!! Our plan is to go back when we are in Waco to celebrate Christmas. I'm hoping it is less crowded!! We didn't spend long in the store because we were headed to spend the day with my family. Austin's sweet aunt Gwen had picked me up a few goodies a little earlier in the week. 

I showed Austin this #shiplap shirt back in August and almost ordered it online then!! and the candle is Joanna's favorite fall scent. 
Thank you Gwen!

I posted this picture to instagram when we left Magnolia. Do you see who commented??!!! It made my day!! Joanna Gaines thanked us for stopping by. Clearly we are besties!! 

Thank you Chip and Joanna for letting us enjoy your store! 


  1. This place sounds heavenly! I'd want to buy everything. I've still yet to watch Fixer Upper. Maybe because I'm worried I'll want to change the house again after seeing it. haha