Friday, October 2, 2015

Friday Favorites October 2nd


It's time for Friday Favorites with my girls Erika, Narci and Andrea.
This pictures has two of my favorite things!

Favorite jewelry

First these earrings by Diamonds Are Evil. They are so light weight and easy to wear. The go with everything and I love them! My sweet sister in law happens to make them along with her boyfriend, Michael. All of their stuff is completely hand-made and you can read about their story here. They have all sorts of cool designs and I have my eye on these next.
military chevron necklace                     Obelisk brass earrings
Meredith sent me this necklace last year for Mother's Day. Isn't that so sweet and thoughtful?!
I'm wearing another pair in this picture but the earrings are retired. But there is a matching necklace and a bracelet.
And How cute are my new friends Hillary and Carla! We went to a wreath making class! It was so fun and deserves it's own post!! So I'm going to tell you all about it next week!

Favorite Drink

Next up is this tea! Hot tea has always been my favorite! I drink a cup every single morning.  I'm not the biggest fan of ice tea BUT recently I discovered Pure Water Ice and Tea Company.
And YUMM!! It's my new favorite and it gets bonus points because it has a drive-thru. Hallelujah!  I got unsweet blueberry green tea mixed with mint tea. I mentioned this to my favorite little sister last week and she just happened to have a gallon in the fridge of the unsweet coconut. It's her hubby's favorite. I had to stop by this week and get a gallon too. Did I mention they have a drive-thru!

Favorite TV show

I don't really have a lot of favorite TV shows right now. I miss parenthood. Are there any good shows that I'm missing!?! I need some recommendations. I love a good reality show so The Voice is a winner for me! I've been watching this show for a few years. I love the blind auditions BUT I have never watched it past the auditions. I'm not sure why??  It just doesn't keep my interest. Maybe this will be the year I stick it out...
I sat down during naptime to watch/blog this week and I started the first episode. Did ya'll see Jordan audition? If not click here to watch.
Here is a bit of what he said about his story:
"Obviously my voice is different, I get called ma'am on the phone all the time. I get called ma'am at every drive thru. Through that I had to learn that being different is actually what made me special. It's my gift and this for me is just an amazing opportunity to share that it's okay to be different and it's okay to be yourself because you are made that way and that's how God intended you to be." - -Jordan Smith.
How cool that he got to share his faith on TV! I'm rooting for him! I'm sure there will be a few more favorites as the auditions continue. I've heard there is a boy from Tyler and a girl from the high school where I taught in McKinney.

Favorite Moment

 This is the prayer that Baker learned at preschool. They say it everyday at lunch.
God is great. God is good. Let us thank him for our food. Amen
Here is Baker's version: (for some reason the video isn't working on mobile devices! - anyone have any video tips?)
God is good. God is great. Lettuce tomatoes for our food. Amen
Is that not the sweetest?!!!  Hope ya'll have a great weekend!


  1. My favorite shows are Scorpion and NCIS. I like The Voice too but never make time to watch it. I just catch it if it's on. And that prayer is so sweet! :))

    1. The prayer is my favorite for sure!!! I'll have to check out those shows too!!

  2. YAHOO!!! I made the blog! :) lol Love you friend!!