Friday, October 23, 2015

Friday Favorites 10.23

Happy Friday friends!! I'm linking with Andrea, Erika and Narci for Friday Favorites.
1. My family - I am so very lucky that we had the opportunity to move closer to my family! They are my favorite for sure! We all got together at my mom's house on Sunday. 6 kids an 9 adults in one house. It's crazy!! 

We attempted a picture with my grandparents. 

Jake and Baker would not have any of it!! And Barret just wanted to kiss his baby sister. 

My boys lovin on sweet Hollis. 

2. Farm Girl Paints. Becky only opens her shop a few times a year. She is open now until November 2nd. You pick a cuff and the words you want on it. I've given several as gifts. I just gifted myself this one!! This is our blog verse. It's also our verse for this phase in life. I love wearing it on my wrist as a reminder that God builds EVERYTHING. Sometimes I really really need this reminder! 

For every house is built by someone, but the builder of all things is God. Hebrews 3:4

3. I made these mummy dogs with breakfast sausage this week. My boys loved them! Fisher ate them for a second time and scarfed 2 of them down. He was very mad when they were all gone.  This is HUGE!! He has some major eating issues and he doesn't have a good track record with repeat-ability. 

4. We are LOVING the Abilene Zoo. It's a Butler family favorite. We went ahead and got a membership because we will be going a lot! It's a win win for us. 

5. We get to spend the weekend with some more of our favorite family!!  My dad, Nancy, Tyra and my nephew, Logan, are all visiting from Washington. 
They are leaving this view!! to come visit us in Texas. 
This is baby Logan last time I saw him!! I can't wait to see him again!
And Baker with my dad. 

I know we are going to have so much fun spending time with them this weekend. It is guaranteed to be crazy!! Hoping the rain isn't too out of control so we can enjoy a little time outside. 

6. Speaking of rain, we've getting a lot around these parts. And I'm really thankful for my favorite rain boots. I finally broke down last year and invested in a good pair of Hunters. I got them at Costco for WAY less than anywhere else. They have them online now!! They even have red! So fun!! If you don't have a Costco card find someone that will let you borrows theirs!! (That's what I did!! thanks sis!)

Ok so this is a terrible picture!! BUT can you tell how hard it is raining?? This is how hard it was pouring about the time I pulled up from picking Baker up at school. I was good with sitting it out in the car for awhile and about 3 minutes into that Baker starts yelling about going pee-pee in the rain. BOYS!! ha. I got both kids out in this terrible rain storm and inside. We were drenched! But at least my feet were dry!! 

Hope you have a happy weekend friends!! Stay dry!


  1. I love the grandparent pic :). It's like wrestling monkeys, right?!?!

    1. ha!! Yes. And every pic with Baker tends to be that way these days!!

  2. I want a pair of Hunter rain boots! And your pictures are the cutest! Looks like a great week and I'm so glad you got to enjoy some amazing family time! Happy Weekend!

    1. 6 out of the last 10 days have been raining. And I am soooo thankful for my boots. Buy some!!!!