Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Family weekend and Mayborn Museum

We had the best weekend with family!! We got a little wet but we left with very full hearts. My dad, Nancy, Tyra and my nephew, Logan, all flew in from Washington to come meet baby Hollis, my new niece. 

Friday evening we drove to Waco in the flooding rains to see everyone. Austin's grandmother lives in Waco and we stayed with her all weekend!! She is the best host! 

Why don't my boys cooperate to take pictures?? how do they know this at such an early age??

Austin's sweet aunt Gwen had a bag of goodies waiting for me at grandmother Butler's house. Inside was this magnolia candle and #shiplap shirt from Magnolia Market. How sweet is that?? She really made my day! Thank you Gwen! 

On Saturday morning we met up at my brother's house and then headed to Waxahachie for lunch at the Catfish Plantation.

 They had a cute little pumpkin area outside but it was super WET!!!

The rain certainly didn't stop the boys!!! They LOVED it. By the time they were finished playing they were drenched from head to toe. We loaded them up and headed downtown for the Texas Country Reporter Festival. A cold front blew in with the rain and I didn't snap any pics!! We had to go back to my brother's house to warm up and dry off!

We attempted a few hundred pics with their Nonna and Pappa. Once again Baker wasn't having any of it. 

Outfit change into their Seahawks gear and another picture attempt!

On Sunday we started with a little blow dry session and then we met up for some shopping, lunch, and zoo time.

We unloaded all 5 kids from the cars, Got them set up in their stroller and headed into the zoo. Then sadly they told us the animals were all put up because of the flooding. BOOOOO talk about a disappointment. The kids were bummed and so were we. We did take the opportunity to take a few pictures. 

Nancy, Logan and Tyra

Fisher had the best weekend ever. He was so happy the entire time and just enjoyed everything. His little personality is blossoming and he is so much fun!!

Since the zoo was a bust we headed to the Mayborn museum at Baylor. This museum was awesome!! It was perfect for our kiddos to run and play and let off lots of energy. 

Alright I'm about to show you a bunch of pictures of the kiddos enjoying the museum. 

HAHA!! this is my favorite picture!! Smile kids!

See he had the BEST time! 

I highly recommend the Mayborn Museum if you are in the Waco area. You could easily spend several hours playing. They have so much to offer! Baker has asked to go back already! 

Thank ya'll for coming!! We loved spending the weekend with you!


  1. What sweet pictures! With the leaves on the ground, it just screams "fall"! Love!

  2. What a cool museum!!! That's so awesome. Looks like a great time had by all. :))

    1. We had the best time!! But I'm pretty sure this is how B picked up his lil tummy bug.