Monday, October 26, 2015

Fall Leaf Fun

Last week Baker and I had a fun afternoon celebrating fall. We started by going on a leaf hunt. We walked around our neighborhood and collected leaves of all different shapes, sizes and colors. 

Since I'm a former biology teacher, I talked to him about chloroplast and plants making food. We talked about how trees store up food and lose their leaves in the winter. I'm also certain that because he is two that he understood every word I said. 

Here is our leaf collection. He loved leaf hunting! He could have spent hours looking for them. I think we will be going on hunts more often! 

After we gathered our collection, we used paper and crayons to do leaf rubbings. We used plain paper and different colored crayons. Just in case you've never done a leaf rubbing before, we put the leaf under the paper and rubbed a crayon back and forth on top of the paper. I held down the paper while Baker colored.  Make sure you color all the way to the edge of the leaf.

I cut them all out to use for our next activity. Then we headed inside to do a little baking! 

Here is a preview of  the yummy leaves we made!!

We unrolled a pie crust and used our leaves as a template. 

We cut around each of the leaves. 

I added some vein markings to make the pie treats look real. 

Then we melted about a tablespoon of butter in a bowl and added cinnamon and sugar. 

We brushed it all over the leaves. (and Baker's hand print on the bottom right- we had left over dough`)

We baked them for 10 minutes. 

I loved the way they turned out!! Baker had some much fun hunting, coloring and baking. They were even really yummy to eat and required very little set up and clean up. 

And how cute did these pie leaf treats turn out!? Baker loved every bit of this fall leaf fun activity! You should try it with your kiddos today!! 


  1. Oh my goodness! What a cute idea Megan!! Can I just say this...I miss my babies being Baker and Fisher's ages. Enjoy this time mama! I would give anything to have a one and two year old again!

    1. Thanks!! I'm really trying to enjoy every part of this stage !! Some days are harder than others!! Ha!! But some days are sooo easy bc they are a blast!!

  2. I am so jealous of your crafty ways!! What a great idea! And yes, I'm sure he understood more than you think. A year from now he'll bring it up and you'll be like, what??

    1. Thanks!!! We had fun. And yes he will be asking me about photosynthesis and I'll say huh??!

  3. I am feeling motivated to do this with Olivia now! You are so awesome! So crafty!