Thursday, October 8, 2015


Last weekend I decided to go to Canton , a HUGE monthly trade days, at the very last minute. I called my very favorite shopping buddy, my mom, to see if she wanted to go along too! She is always up for an adventure and said yes!
We left my house really early and headed east!
We made a small pit stop in Arlington that ended up taking too long and didn't make it to Canton until noon. If you've ever been then you know that is not enough time to shop!! Most shops close around five.

Canton tip # 1- Get there early!!

Canton tip #2 -have a plan and know what you are shopping to find.

We had a pretty good idea of what we wanted to do once we got there. We've been to Canton together a good half a dozen times (probably more!). Also my mom and I are really good shopping buddies. We both like the same kind of things so neither of us ever feels like we are waiting on each other. Plus a lot of the experience of going for us is the fun bonding time we have chatting while we drive/shop.

Canton tip #3- We always park in the same spot. We just know what works for us. I've tried 2 other  spots and they just aren't as accessible for us. We park in the first north lot off 359. Find what works for you!

We immediately started shopping and our very first find was this table for my sister Kelsey. It was just what she needed for her new house.

 Canton tip #4- Your cell phone probably won't work once you are in the shopping grounds. You might be able to get a call through depending on your location but most likely a picture text will not go through. If you are shopping for someone else make sure you know how much they are willing to spend and exactly what they want.

One of the things I was looking for was light fixtures for our house.
side note-You must stop and get frozen coffee at the Cowhill express coffee co. in the Arbors II. It's the yellow building behind this light fixture.

Canton tip #5 - Always wear/take a hat. If you don't you will probably end up buying a cute one. OR you can conveniently "forget" your hat at home so you can treat yourself to a new one!

There are areas for junkin' (outside) and areas for nicer stuff (typically inside the buildings). We like to do a mix of both!!

Canton tip #6 - I carry a really small cross body purse and put a small expandable bag inside to hold my treasures as I shop. This hootie bag is a canton find from several years ago that is perfect. A lot of people like to push carts but we like to shop without being tied down to a cart. A lot of booths will hold your purchases till the end of the day if you just ask. The key with that is remembering exactly where the vendors are at the end of the day.


Canton #7 - Eat a good lunch! Eating is a big part of the Canton experience and honestly we've tried lots of different places and never had a bad experience.

Monkey Crepe CafĂ©, in the Arbors, is our favorite place to eat. We find ourselves going back here every time because it is just that good.
We always split the chicken salad on a croissant and we pick a crepe to try. This time we got the monkey business.
There are also several places to get fried pies that I highly recommend!!
   I also feel like it should be noted that the bathrooms are really clean. I'm not sure how they keep them so tidy with all the people that are shopping! It's impressive!!
I brought a few treasures home to live at my house!
The pioneer woman plates look great on my repurposed plate stand.  
Arm party from Kelly's treasures. We always stop by this shop in the Arbors III. My mom and I both have a small collections of goodies from Kelly. Since we always get our iced coffee from Cowhill in Arbors II we are ready to go by the time we hit up Kelly's.
I really wanted a wreath from Magnolia in Waco but I found this one for a fraction of the price! Score!
I'm hoping Austin can turn this into a light for above our sink.
And who doesn't love a fun Christmas shirt?!
 My house is full of goodies from Canton. Some of my very favorite pieces have been collected from there over the last 7 years.
If I had to pick my top 3 Canton purchases they would be-
1. Our bed
2. Blue dresser
3. Repurposed ceiling tiles
I marked a few places I talked about on this map!
Isn't Canton fun! If you have any other great tips or favorite shops please leave a comment!! Thanks for coming along on the shopping trip with me!


  1. How cool!! Sounds like an awesome place to go and even better with Mom time! :)) That Christmas shirt is too cute!

    1. It is the best place!!! I love going! and even better with my mom!

  2. Canton is always fun!!! Glad that you and your mama had a good day!

    1. YAY!!! Canton is the best! We just need to plan a future shopping trip....but no kids!

  3. I loved going shopping with you and having mother/daughter time. Anytime you want to go, just let me know.

  4. I've never been but I've heard so much about it. Maybe one day. Excited to see what becomes of that fixture.

    1. Me too!! I hope we can make the fixture work! we will see!! And you would LOVE Canton. Worth the trip!